Carlotta Anne


The launch Carlotta Anne was was designed and built in 1972 by Roy Parris, powered by a For 6 cyl 140hp diesel engine – WW doesn’t know much about her other than that world x Kiwi boat designer – John Welsford owned her for 7 years, so she must have been a well behaved woody for John to have kept her that long.

The top photos were taken by K Ricketts in May 2021 when she was being hauled out for some TLC at Gulf Harbour Marina.

The photos below are dated Jan 2016.

Can we learn more about Carlotta Anne.

17-04-2023 INPUT ex Dennis Boggs – I spent many years cruising in company with this boat in the Bay Of Islands and know it inside out.Her build was commissioned by Ray and Anne Simmons and spent her earlier years in Hauraki Gulf.For some of that period was based at Waiheke.From memory she was brought to the Bay of Islands in 1996 and I met Ray and Anne as near neighbours in 1997.The original power unit was a Bedford 330 C.I. diesel and was re-powered with the Ford which gave a cruising speed of 9 knots @ 9 litres of fuel per hour.Ray and Anne sold the boat about 10 or 12 years ago and took to a life of roaming the roads.Ray must be in his early 90s now. 

5 thoughts on “Carlotta Anne

  1. She was definitely launched Carlotta Anne. Built and lived on for many years on the Northland coast by a couple who’s name I cannot remember except of course “Anne”
    I will check with my contacts to find out more


  2. In the interests of accuracy I had a quick measure using the hardstand photo and the combined height of her topsides and superstructure come to less than 1/4 of her length. Blotting out the flying bridge, Carlotta is quite a handsome bridge-decker, IMO. Having come down from Marsden Cove to Hobsonville with John when he bought her, I can attest that there is only sitting headroom in that flying bridge, which I think was an add-on. Horrible boat? Not!
    John lived on her at a sort of “one boat marina” on the upper reaches of the Weiti River.
    Her name was different when John bought her; I’m guessing she’s had more than two names.


  3. Meant to add the Carlotta bow shape is beautiful but in a boat of this length the amount of superstructure ruins the lines, viewed from the side everything should be lower and the aft deck more open, otherwise it looks as she is, squat.


  4. What are boat owners/designers thinking in NZ? Why so much outdoor dunny stuff on the deck, then stack it two high so that total height is only just short of waterline length, it just looks horrible.


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