MARINUS – A Peek Down Below 

MARINUS – A Peek Down Below 

The 46’ launch Marinus was designed by A. Deeming and built by Barr Brown (Wellington) in 1946. Over the years she has undone several rebirths, starting as a bridge decker and the most recent one has in her owners words “converted it into a modern style displacement cruiser’. Lots of time and $$ have been spent on her and she presents these days as a high-end wooden launch.

The level of the work and presentation probably helping her be the fastest selling woody in the last 12 months – less than a week on the market.

Some specs- 46’ x 12’4’ x 4’ – her hull is heart kauri, carvel planked and in the 2019 refit play/glass has been utilised. Marinus is powered by twin Cummins 85hp Diesel engines.

As sold she was very highly spec’ed and in my eyes excellent value for a vessel her size.

Lots of photos and chat on this previous WW story –

4 thoughts on “MARINUS – A Peek Down Below 

  1. See attached images of Portland ,very sad to see one of the Fer remaining ROBERT BROWN

    On Mon, 17 Apr 2023, 12:09 am #1 for classic wooden


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