Someone Stop Me

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Some One Stop Me
If I lived near a lake or Mahurangi etc – I would not be posting this story, I would be on-route to New Plymouth to buy this very cool double diagonal cold moulded kauri double ended day boat (thats a mouthful).
She measures approx 14’4” with the rudder on, built in 1970 in York Bay, Wellington.
Her motion is via a Petter 3.5hp diesel inboard, that was fitted c.1980s and has only done 40 hrs. Gearbox has N/F/R.
Her trailer hs been refurbished and fully road worthy.
Rod Prosser / Shawn Vennell – one of you must need another woody at the lake – perfect for the kids…………………
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe heads up 😉

Boatbuilders Woody Garage Sale


This is a once in a long-time chance – Salthouse Boatbuilders are having a clean up and the word from the ‘boss’, Delayne Salthouse, is get rid of it. So woodys this is an invite to pop down to the Salthouse Yard this Saturday (9th) between 10am and 2pm and grab a bargain. Cash only but we are talking rock-bottom clearance prices e.g. some might be in the low hundreds and others in the low low dollars, some even free to a good home for selected expired stock 😉
Woody David Cooke, will be firing up the BBQ – good old fashioned bangers-in-bread. 
The photos above are only to give a peek of what’s on sale, there is a lot more to be added in the next few days. As they say “one man’s trash is another mans gold” 🙂
ADDRESS: Salthouse Boatbuilders, 84 Rame Rd, Greenhithe, Auckland 0632
WHEN: This Saturday, 9th November (note: no prior viewing)
TIME: > 2pm


Lady Ellen Restoration – October Update

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With a December launch date, Lady Ellen’s owner Bruce Mitchinson is on the downhill run – putting all the expensive bits on and hooking everything up.
Bruce’s words below tell us the status / list of things to do + the two videos show us the workmanship that is being ‘applied’ to the Lady.
Looking stunning 🙂

“Started painting the interior last Thursday.

Bunks have been removed to provide room to spray and some of the trim is out and being finished off site.
Moving from the forecastle backwards through to the cockpit, then we will tackle the decks.
Windows all patterned and should be in production tomorrow.

Bronze castings in the system and should be ready in a couple of weeks time.

Old mast is in the process of being remodelled to take hidden conduits for lights and gps antenna, and beefed up a bit to the right scale.
Galley and cockpit timber decking still to do after painting.
Electrics and plumbing gear all sorted but final fix still to go

2019 Thames Traditional Boat Festival – 100+ Classic Wooden Boats



2019 Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Woody Ian Gavin was travelling with family in July and included the Thames Traditional Boat Festival (Henley-on-Thames) in the itinerary.
Its an event on my bucket list, so I was a little envious when Ian handed me a USB stick with 100+ photos of the event. Special thanks to Ian for sharing.
Included in the Festival was a special Dunkirk Little Ships section. As you would expect it was a very civilised affair with the boats moored up to the river bank and they took turns at parading up and down the river.
The large rowing barge is an ex/retired Royal barge that has been recently restored.
Included on the day were a selection of old motorbikes and cars, including a few amphibious one.
Enjoy the gallery 🙂


Le Cygne

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Today’s story comes to us via Ray Morey’s fb. Ray tells us Le Cygne was built in Auckland for a Whangarei doctor post 1918. Next owner was Enoch Doel, who had a grocery store in Kawakawa. He used her for deliveries around the upper reaches of the Bay of Islands / Waikare inlet.
Ray’s father bought the launch c.1930 from Enoch Doel. Back then power was a single cylinder ‘Buffalo’ engine. Back in those days the boat was commonly called ‘Latrine’. They sold her to a guard on the railways, and he relocated her to the Clevedon River.
Anyone know what happened to her?

Which is a good juxtaposition to remind you that the Woody Classics Weekend to the Clevedon Cruising Club is almost closed off, so many boats and limited space – it will be a monty of a trip, a great mix of boats and people have RSVP’ed. Do not delay, I will not be posting again on this event, driving attendance – RSVP to just need both yours and the boats name. Actually the boats specs i.e. LOL ,beam, draft will also be a big help.

Harold Kidd Input – LE CYGNE (the SWAN) was built for Dr Frazerhurst of Whangarei possibly by David Reid with a Buffalo engine (agent) immediately before the Great War. Dr Frazerhurst was badly wounded and spent the war in captivity. No clues what happened to her after she was part of the fleet to greet Lord Jellicoe off Reotahi in April 1921.

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The Ark



Recently I was contacted by Yazmen Hanif, pictured above, regarding a boat she acquired a couple of years ago, Yazmen is looking for any information we may have on the boat. She is named – The Ark and is 22’ in length. The boat was purchased in Cambridge, and arrived as a stripped out hull, with custom built support stands. The seller had owned her for 6 years and kept it in a shed but had no history on the boats past.
An unusual feature is that it it looks like the bolts are all hand made. 
Does the boat ring any bells with anyone?
Words Fail Me
Seriously, someone actually bought this boat? What are the chances of the ‘wood’ trim being wood?



As purchased



Stripped bare



Re-launch day



In late Jan 2018 when myself and Jamie Hudson were holding David Cooke’s hand as he piloted Trinidad around the top of NZ and slid down the West Coast to the Marlborough Sounds, Jamie and I had an evening to kill after being cast ashore in Picton. The plan was to catch the late (overnight) ferry back to Wellington. My idea was to hit the waterfront bars, but Jamie has more self-control than I and suggested me stroll the marina for a few hours before we hit the bars, otherwise we might struggle to catch the ferry – as it turned out, very sage advise from Mr Hudson 🙂
While taking in the Picton sea air, we spotted numerous very smart woodys at the marina – one of them being Kiwi. Now fast forward 20 odd months and I get an email from Alistair McRae, who had just returned from Picton, on a trip to purchase a very nice Colin Wild woody launch – details on that another day. 
While in Picton, Alistair visited a mate – Wal Edwards, who had bought an old double ended fishing boat named – Kiwi,  built in 1922 (he thinks). Kiwi is 33′ long and was built by Steve Carey of Carey’s Bay. As you will see from the photos above, Wal has done a magnificent job of rebuilding Kiwi. Check out the ballast they removed from her bilge.
Kiwi is powered by a John Deer.
The photos above a mix of mine and from Wal and Alistair’s collection.
Can anyone tell us more about this very cool woody?