Clyde Quay Boat Harbour 

Clyde Quay Boat Harbour 

Wellington woody admirer Geoff Fiebig sent in the collection of photos that he snapped off while wandering around the Clyde Quay Boat Harbour , Wellington on Sunday.

Can we put some names to them – • I’m sure the top photo is well know, but the bigger question has to be – how come its so unloved?

• The blue open double-ender looks very salty, and cared for.

• The tender is probably best overlooked, several sheets of ply on display. But no doubt a very useful work horse to get to & from a bigger moored craft (love the boat sheds paint scheme).

• The smallish woody yacht at a guess would be Lizzie the 1909 Edwin Bailey built 19>22’ gaffer. Read more about her below: 

Oyster – Sailing Sunday

OYSTER – Sailing Sunday

The photo gallery above of the 1903 Charles Bailey Jnr. yacht Oyster comes to us from her new Wellington owner – Gavin Pascoe’s fb page. Gavin recently sailed her back from Lyttelton to Wellington. Gavin is one of the leading lights at the uber cool Wellington Classic Yacht Trust, so Oyster is a very lucky woody to be in such safe hands.

Most of the photos are from her early days in Wellington c.1920’s>1930’s. The cover of the NZ Yachtsman magazine is dated August 10th 1912 and shows her in Nelson. Oyster is 32’ in length, with a 9’ bean and draws 3’ (she is a centre-board ketch).

Photo below taken by Andrew McGeorge of Oyster in Lyttelton just prior to her departure north.

The Wellington Scene


photos & details ex Harold Kidd & Gavin Pascoe

Some Wellington launches for a change.

Harold recently bought a postcard of a “launch on Auckland Harbour” which was clearly Wellington. Harold keeps in touch with Gavin Pascoe of the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust on anything Wellington so sent him off a copy. Between the two of them they identified her as Phyllis but in passing discussed images of two other similar craft, Doris and Wai-iti.

You can see that they all have a modest  ketch rig and similar configurations.

Phyllis was a 21 footer built at Kilbirnie to a Rudder Mag design by G. Dennis, starting in December 1910 and launching in August 1912. She was still around in early 1916.

Doris was built in Auckland as the 28ft mullet boat Dorothy but was sold to Charlie Moore in Wellington in 1912. He converted her to a deadwood keeler with an auxiliary but she became solely a power boat pretty soon. She was still around in 1929.

Wai-iti was built by Simmonds and Hutson of Wellington in late 1924 and they also built her semi-diesel engine. She was 28ft x 9ft. She lasted until at least WW2.

Harold Kidd Update

PHYLLIS certainly is very pretty, but you’d expect that of a Rudder design.
DOROTHY/DORIS’s cabintop is a bit lumpy, but it was put on in Wellington after she had been converted to a Cook Strait-capable launch from a very basic Auckland-built 28ft fishing mullet boat and form follows function most adequately.
WAI-ITI’s hull form is very sweet but I still can’t get my head around the way her cabin ports are placed, equidistant from the top of the coaming rather than in the middle between the top of the coaming and its bottom (sheer) as is the case in most boats of the time. To me, that’s a little awkward and unsympathetic. This has been commented on before in WW in relation to a possibly amateur-built Wellington launch.

Ever Wondered Whats Inside Those Sheds?

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A Peek Inside The Clyde Quay Boat Sheds

In my real life, I have one outside of ww 🙂  ,  I get to work with some very talented people, in 2013 one of my clients partnered with New Zealand’s award winning consumer lifestyle magazine – ‘NZ Life & Leisure’ on a marketing initiative. Just before xmas I was in their offices & they said “hey we have an article in our upcoming Jan/Feb issue that would interest you & your ww readers. So folks here it is a pictorial insight into the Wellington’s Clyde Quay boat sheds, where several CYA members (Phillipa Durkin & Gavin Pascoe) hang out. The passion & enthusiasm that the Gavin & Phillipa, along with the other Wellington Classic Yacht Trust members have is amazing & we should all take a lead from them.

The mag goes on sale today so grab a copy at your local, you can also see more at their never cool website

You can find out more about the WCYT  here