Same Boat ?

Same Boat?

The top photo of the haul-out area at Okahu Bay, Auckland is dated 1977 and was sent in by Nathan Herbert. Nathan’s eye was draw to the large launch in the centre and he suspects the vessel is the launch – 50’ Dauntless, now residing in Milford Marina, now all white and sporting a different cabin (refer 2nd photo above).

There has been lots of chat on WW concerning the Milford boats provenance – see here

So woodys – the question today  – Is it the same boat?

Dauntless AK2233



Dauntless AK2233

The above photos of Dauntless are from the Tudor Collins, Auckland Museum collection, emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.
Can any of the woodys provide more details on Dauntless & also the photo location, if my life depended on it, I would guess Whangaroa, but I have been wrong before 🙂

Interesting the passengers on board, not really looking like a day out fishing, maybe they were heading out to meet / greet a bigger vessel ?

Harold Kidd Input

There have been a lot of launches called DAUNTLESS over the years. This one bears a 4 figure Auckland fishing boat registration number of the type issued in the early 1930s but phased out by about 1935, so the date of the pic is around that period.
This is the DAUNTLESS that was game fishing out of Whitianga and Tauranga between 1927 and 1945 at least, run by Steedman and Chadban. I had always thought that this DAUNTLESS was the one built by Bailey & Lowe in 1911 for E. W. Morrison of Auckland, a standard Bailey & Lowe 35 footer like PRINCESS etc but these pics show a sloping transom that is quite unlike a B&L product. Maybe the stern was extended for gamefishing and maybe this is the DAUNTLESS that finished up at the Maritime Restoration School at Opua with the stern chopped off to a 32 footer?
Maybe it was chopped because the extension failed?
I’ve never been sure where this boat came from or went to, but Baden or Brian Worthington should know.

PS Maybe Charlie Millett did the stern extension? It’s the sort of thing he did during the winters in Tauranga.

05-10-2016 Paul Drake Input

Pics below showing DAUNTLESS at Taupo. She is the moored boat in the foreground in the first photo.

In the second photo, she appears on the extreme left, and the tumblehome is evident.



11-02-2017– Photo below ex Baden Pascoe







Built c.1927, most likely a Lanes (I can hear HDK now 🙂 “aren’t they all” )50′ in length. Owner looking for more details on her past. Dauntless most likely not the original name.
Currently berth at Milford Marina (the creek).

31-01-2019 Update – Hauled out at Milford Cruising Club yard for some TLC. Photo ex Jason Prew

dauntless @ mcc jan2019