NGAHI – Gets A Makeover

NGAHI – Gets A Makeover

Back in July 2016 the launch Ngahi made a brief appearance on WW – link below, at the time there was some good chat in the comments section but we never did establish her design / build date.

Fast forward to early March 2023 and Ngahi had just emerged from Glen Burnnand’s shed after some serious TLC that included –  redoing the exterior with all new teak cabin sides, new glass, rebuilt swim platform, new teak sliding windows and detailing. Owner Ash Weeks is very cock-a-hoop with the work.Ngahi was whisked off to Ash’s factory for a completely new interior – Ash’s trade is high end commercial interior cutouts so we expect to see a wow interior.

We look forward to seeing the finished work.
In the mean time – anyone know anything about her provenance.

3 thoughts on “NGAHI – Gets A Makeover

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  2. Ngahi had a berth in Milford Marina,owned by a bloke known as ”Fingers”he had her on the market a few years back


  3. Sad thing about those pictures of Ngahi at the Okahu Bay hardstand is if the Akarana Yacht Club get their way it will be solely car parking in the near future.


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