Ngahi AH


I first spotted Ngahi over the Easter 2015 period (photo above) in Waikalabubu Bay, Motutapu Island. Then recently Ken Ricketts snapped 2 photos (below) of her at Milford Marina on one of his ‘walk-abouts’. Given the Ngahi MCC name board on her stern, one of the Milford woodys should be able to provide us with more details.

7 thoughts on “Ngahi

  1. I believe Fingers found her in the Wade river a few years back, he certainly knows how to lift free range snapper from the Gulf off Milford


  2. Eric Schroder is dead and I think his son Richard is overseas. Does anyone know any of his family in NZ?


  3. Hey owner has no information, but she appears pretty original with no additions I feel. Sliding cockpit windows are pretty neat, and she is hard chine with a bit of tumblehome aft


  4. Her contemporary APYMBA card, which would have had all that essential info, is missing. Leave a note on her for her owner to ring you. He/she should have a fair idea of her history. It’s a start, at least.


  5. Do you know who she may have been designed and build by? My woody has very similar lines.. RK


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