Mystery Launch 13-07-2016



Mystery Launch 13-07-2016

Today’s post is a going to test the talents of you woodys. Baden Pascoe sent me the above photos of a launch that is ‘parked’ outside Horopito Motors (central North Island). Baden commented that he was told by a Barbara Cole that it last floated at Whakatane, given its condition – that would have been a while ago 🙂

Barbara thinks the vessel may have been called ‘Gay Lee’.

So woodys what are the collective thoughts on her.

Update from Andrew Pollard –  I have a poor quality photo of this boat, i found it online sometime ago. See below.
I have it under the name Gay Lee also.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.26.45 AM

16 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 13-07-2016

  1. GAYLENE was never “on” Taupo but was “at” Taupo for a while. She resided in the industrial area in her present state – in Matai Street. I agree that she could well be restorable but one would have to young and very, very keen. She has been at Horopito for a few years at least, and is very accessible for viewing by passing pilgrims. Best not to take wives/partners/girlfriends on such pilgrimages. They are generally less than impressed.


  2. Len Perry used to own an “oldtimer” called GAYLEEN before he had AQUARIUS. I wonder if this is her? Anyway GAYLENE/GAYLEEN/GAY LEE is a rename for sure. The Northland farmer story could have legs. But if she was on Taupo, then the Drakes should know more.
    Damn nice boat.


  3. Her hull is definitely the work of a proffessional designer and builder. While her hull would need a re fasten and tighten up she is still very restorable. She would look nice as a flush decker with a little tram top and dodger. With a reasonable motor she would scoot along with that nice flat aft section. The bonding monkeys have been at her as well and she would most likely need a new log.


  4. If that hog was obstinate, she could be trimmed to where the shaft appears and new stern tube fitted forward , and still look pretty sharp.


  5. She is called GAYLENE, is presently owned by Colin Frederickson of Horopito who bought her off Grant Wallace at Taupo several years ago. Grant tells me he believes she was built for or used by a farmer in the North, to get to & from Auckland originally in the 1920s, & was owned by someone, as a live aboard, in the1980s at the B.O.I, who happened to be in Whakatane with her, when cyclone Bowler came through in, that era, & they sheltered in Whakatane, but had a bad time, & pulled her out of the water there, & she has been moved around from the Broadlands area, to Taupo, & now Horopito & has had several owners but has not seen the sea again.
    Colin is proposing to recaulk her, & says the part of the coamings has got rot, but the rest, is at he moment, fairly sound. She has no engine & has the name in faded letters on the hull. — KEN R


  6. Oh well that Frisco suggestion isn’t on. She would need a more couth engine than a single banger I guess I was just thinking of Betsy at Judges Bay (QV) and the 29′ boat that Una Platt’s old man had at Bayswater that had my Frisco. They took it out and put a Kelvin in. Don’t know which boat they had but Harold will know.


  7. OOPS sorry about that; I meant DICK LANG, not B&L They built very similar high-quality launches around this time.


  8. Wild guess, the 1922 Bailey & Lowe 32 footer NYRIA which went to Whakatane in 1936. She looks about the right length, she looks like a 1922 B&L shape and has no floreate carving which had been dropped by then as old hat.


  9. She’s been a tasty wee boat in her time. Has what it takes to have survived on that coast. Shore her up properly so she isn’t so hogged aft; out with the metaphorical CYA chainsaw but keep the wheelhouse which would look appropriate with an aft cockpit. Fit a Frisco Standard single banger, and you’ve got a real goer -well until you have to clean the carbon off the points while rolling your fillings out off Tiri……


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