Harold Kidd Awarded Life Membership of the CYA



Harold Kidd Awarded Life Membership of the CYA

I’m pleased to be able to report that at last nights Classic Yacht Association of NZ AGM – Harold Kidd was made a life member of the CYA. Below is the presentation speech given by CYA Patron – Hamish Ross.
photo (sorry out of focus) L>R Harold Kidd, Rod Marler & Hamish Ross.

Harold Kidd – Life Membership

 We will not see in our lifetime anyone who will make greater an impact on Classic Yachting in New Zealand, than Harold Desmond Kidd.

 It is through his meticulous research and extensive writings that New Zealand’s pleasure boating history will live on, not to be forgotten or become a twisted mixture of fact and fable. With Robin Elliot, his frequent co-author, Harold has been responsible for many books and articles detailing the history of our craft, their builders, their owners and crew. I have been a witness to a little of their hard work, the detail of their research, as well as their generosity in sharing that information with so many others. The timing of their work has been critical as we lose knowledge and their memories as people pass away. For example, to speak to someone who worked with or knew the Logans or the Baileys is becoming rarer and rarer as each year passes, if not now extinct and soon the knowledge be rather like an old 1920’s song “ I’ve danced with a man, who’s danced with a girl, who’s danced with the Prince of Wales”

 The influence of Harold’s work has lead many of us, and many more, not only to appreciate the rich history of our vessels, but also, perhaps most importantly, to regularly part with our hard earned money, to restore them and keep them afloat.

 Harold has been involved in many classic craft, but for me the by far the most important has been the Jessie Logan, the crack craft and the genesis of the House of Logan. His doggedness in tracking down of the vessel, rescuing it as a children playhouse, transporting it by road from Nelson to Auckland with a woefully under powered vehicle, storing it for many years until he found the right people to help him to restore her, and afterwards securing her future is just one example of his dedication.

 Mention must be made of his Rescue Trust, which has help rescue derelict vessels threatened with destruction.

 Harold regularly assists the Dept. of Internal Affairs in protecting NZ’s historic vessels from being lost to this country through export.

 There are many more achievements and contributions that could be mentioned, but Harold, on behalf of all members of the Classic Yacht Association, please accept this very small token of our esteem and gratitude from your fellow classic yachtsmen and yachtswomen.

I cannot think of anyone who has done more for or is more deserving of Life Membership of the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand.

 Hamish Ross –  CYA AGM 12th July 2016

9 thoughts on “Harold Kidd Awarded Life Membership of the CYA

  1. That’s why WW has such an enormous following, not only in Auckland, not only in the rest of the country, but overseas as well.


  2. Thanks folks! But it has always been a joint effort by Robin Elliott and me.
    Totally taken by surprise on Tuesday night by this.
    Rod Marler made the best point of the night.
    It’s not the CYA people that matter, it’s the boats. We are merely their transitory custodians.
    If it hadn’t been for the 21 years of the CYA most of those boats would have returned to nature in one way or another and our social history would have lost a huge amount of its unique content.
    Kiwis are, and always have been, bloody good at designing, building and sailing boats.


  3. What can I say that has not been said already. Harold on behalf of all the Classic Boat owners. Thank you for all your effort.


  4. Nice words, Hamish, and I know you meant them.

    Harold has been a rose and thorn for many “classic” boat owners over the years (ironic quotes, HDK). The wall of detail that has been accumulated in the last 30-plus years of research has enriched our depth of knowledge of pleasure boating and banished many a pretender.

    This award is particularly apt. In the absence of loads of cash, and I mean LOADS of cash, due recognition is all that can be given.


  5. A long overdue mark of respect and recognition for the tireless efforts of New Zealand’s authority on anything to do with classic boats, their history and owners.


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