Same Boat ?

Same Boat?

The top photo of the haul-out area at Okahu Bay, Auckland is dated 1977 and was sent in by Nathan Herbert. Nathan’s eye was draw to the large launch in the centre and he suspects the vessel is the launch – 50’ Dauntless, now residing in Milford Marina, now all white and sporting a different cabin (refer 2nd photo above).

There has been lots of chat on WW concerning the Milford boats provenance – see here

So woodys – the question today  – Is it the same boat?

7 thoughts on “Same Boat ?

  1. I don’t think they are the same boat, because the lower image had the belting going much further forward, towards the bow, & that boat only has one port hole in the flare, whilst the upper image has 3, & also the upper image boat is quit a bit shorter, & has a cockpit whilst the lower image is built to the truck & has no cockpit. — KEN R


  2. Russell: same boat?

    Portholes, plywood cabin and modern shaped funnel mean very little. Stem rake, sheerline, skylight and forehatch seem to match


  3. No, the launch in the top photo has Three ports in the hull and a door opening on to the side deck, also unless it had had a completely new cabin built, has a different windscreen angle and different window arrangement.


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