Rangi – Sailing Sunday

RANGI -Sailing Sunday

In the top photo we see the B Class yacht – Rangi on the slipway at the W.G Lowe shipyard in Auckland, just prior to the start of the first Trans-Tasman Yacht Race in 1931, I believe there was only 3 yachts entered – Oimara (Australia), Teddy (Norway) and Rangi (NZ) – Teddy won.

In the second photo we see her being towed to the start line, and in the bottom photo, on the left is Alan Leonard, owner of Rangi, alongside Alan, steering the yacht is Master Lowe, the grandson of the builder of Rangi. The occasion is welcoming Rangi back into Auckland after the return voyage from Sydney. 

The race was held again in 1934 with only two boats entered – Te Rapunga (Germany) and the legendary Ngataki, with Johnny Wray at the helm – won by Te Rapunga. 

The photos comes to us from the Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection.

UPDATE: John Newsham has advised that Rangi was originally named ‘Schopolo’ and was built as a ‘schnapper’ boat for the inshore fishing trade – see photos below (ex Little Ships) . She was driven ashore at Cascade Bay, Norfolk Island when the crew was ashore after a wind change (1951)

UPDATE: Photo below, ex John Newsham, of Ngataki and te Raupunga at the state of the 1934 race. Ngataki (photo ex Century of sail) was sailed to Tahiti in the 1930s – John’s father’s cousin – Nip Colebrook was in the crew. John often used to see Wray cruising around Waiheke in his pre-war launch. He would always gave him a big wave  – mid 1960s.  

Greyhound + Johnny Wray On TV + Bargain Woody 4sale



Greyhound was an ex WWII 40′ high speed launch .Ex Air Force out of Hobsonville. One of four launches built in the late 1930’s >early 1940′, as Waitemata chase boats for the Catalinas. They were W44; W45; W46; and W88 (now in Wigram Museum). Greyhound is thought to be W45.  She is a sister ship to Jaguar, already featured on woodys  (16.8.2014). The above photo are ex John Bullivant & the present owner, Mark Allen (trademe) via Ken Ricketts.
Allen bought the boat in December 2014 in Tutukaka & motored it down the coast to Whangerei and then took it by road to Helensville, where it resides today. It was out of the water for 6 months being re-glassed & repainted.
During the war it had two engines and would do between 30 and 40 knots, plane over the water. These days she is powered by a 120hp Ford diesel(12 knots), that is currently undergoing repair. If you are looking for a project with some history, I understand the vessel is for sale.

Input from John Bullivant“below is a photo of Jaguar I took in the 70s. She is on the ramp at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club having just been hauled out. The Hansens who owned her had an engineering business in Harp of Erin producing grease guns amongst other products ( I still have one of their grease guns). Jaguar definitely had two stroke diesels at the time this photo was taken (used to love the sound of them). She was moored at little Bucklands beach, pretty much straight out from the owners house for years. I lived on The Parade at Bucklands for many years and saw many well known boats come and go up and down the river including Imatra, Jaguar, Golden Lotus (Alan Harnish and later Rick Irvine who put the cabin on her for diving use) Tarapunga, Alert, Carroma, Jane Gifford, Romo, Rainbow and Rainbow ii and hundreds more. Fleetwing Junior (with cabin) was moored almost in front of our place (belonged to a school friends parents at the time)
Coincidentally there was a plywood yacht of around 45ft named Fleetwood moored about 200ft from her as well.
It was a great place to live in the 60s and 70s and 80s as the river was like Queen st most weekends, but as the price of gas went up there seemed to be fewer launches going out regularly. I’ve noticed a big drop off in weekend boating in the last 20 yrs (maybe it’s just me) but I’ve been out sailing on a few perfect days between Browns Bay and Rangi and been all on my own with not a boat in sight. The first time that happened I thought I was missing something – like a Tsunami warning, a very odd feeling to be out there on your own on a perfect day, would not have been like that in the 70s as the whole area would have been populated with boats of all types.”


The Johnny Wray & Ngataki Story –  On TV Tonight (Sat 18th)


Just a quick heads up that Television NZ will be screening tonight (Sat 18th) the latest series of ‘Te Radars Chequered Past’ on TVOne at 8:05pm. In the opening episode Radar retells the story of Johnny Wray & Ngataki’s creation. I’m told its a cracker & not to be missed – but if you do miss it, in this wonder digital world, you will be able to view it later ‘OnDemand’ link below.
Enjoy 🙂

36′ Grand Banks – ‘NO SALT’ – Must Be Sold – Offers over $50,000 will buy her
Check out the trademe link http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/motorboats/auction-1258171194.htm
Owner contactable on 021 025 46184


Johnny Wray Is Calling For Your Help – Ngataki Finalist in Classic Boat Restoration of the Year

Johnny Wray Is Calling For Your Help – Ngataki Finalist in Classic Boat Magazine Restoration of the Year

Good morning folks – I’d like to ask you to spend 2 minutes of your time doing something that could have a big impact on the NZ  marine restoration industry. The legendary classic yacht Ngataki is a finalist (Restoration of the Year – Under 40′) in the prestigious Classic Boat 2015 Awards. Classic Boat Magazine choose their short list (6 only) from around the world & then its up to the classic community to vote on who they think is the winner.

A fact of life is most people are lazy & do not get around to voting – so how about we all rally together & vote for Ngataki. If we win the publicity for the NZ marine trade will be huge.

Other than voting, what more can you do? – on-forwrd the link to this ww page to your friends, family & business associates & ask them to vote.

Ngataki’s category is top of the list so that makes things easy for you & the UK have great privacy laws so unless you tick the ‘Send me stuff’ box they will not make your name or email address available to third parties. BUT you do need to tick the ‘Privacy Policy Acceptance’ box.

CLICK THIS LINK TO VOTE NOW  http://www.classicboat.co.uk/awards2015/

ps the competition is stiff & our girl was designed by Johnny himself so every vote we can get will be needed 🙂

Lady Shirley, Little Jim & Ngataki @ Boat Show

Lady Shirley, Little Jim & Ngataki @ Boat Show

Dropped down to the boat show at the Viaduct yesterday for a quick look – 4 hours later……. I left. A very good show & well supported by the trade with some great stands & vessels on display. Sadly only 3 classics – just way to much tupperware for me but as they say horses for courses.

LADY SHIRLEY  – Built by C Bailey & Son. , the bridge decker was restored (rebuilt) by Yachting Developments (YDL) & now owned by Greg Hinton was a thing a beauty gleaming in the sun.

LITTLE JIM – the Arch Logan yacht was back in the water after nearly a year in Peter Brookes shed where she had some running repairs & a back to bare wood paint & varnish (Allwood MA) job. Again she too looked a million dollars.

Ngataki – I think if Johnnie Wray was at the show & walking the docks he would not have recognized his old boat, Tino Rawa Trust & YDL have waved the magic wand over Ngataki. To see / read more on her – enter Ngataki in the ww search box.