Lady Shirley, Little Jim & Ngataki @ Boat Show

Lady Shirley, Little Jim & Ngataki @ Boat Show

Dropped down to the boat show at the Viaduct yesterday for a quick look – 4 hours later……. I left. A very good show & well supported by the trade with some great stands & vessels on display. Sadly only 3 classics – just way to much tupperware for me but as they say horses for courses.

LADY SHIRLEY  – Built by C Bailey & Son. , the bridge decker was restored (rebuilt) by Yachting Developments (YDL) & now owned by Greg Hinton was a thing a beauty gleaming in the sun.

LITTLE JIM – the Arch Logan yacht was back in the water after nearly a year in Peter Brookes shed where she had some running repairs & a back to bare wood paint & varnish (Allwood MA) job. Again she too looked a million dollars.

Ngataki – I think if Johnnie Wray was at the show & walking the docks he would not have recognized his old boat, Tino Rawa Trust & YDL have waved the magic wand over Ngataki. To see / read more on her – enter Ngataki in the ww search box.


8 thoughts on “Lady Shirley, Little Jim & Ngataki @ Boat Show

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  2. It is hard to tell from the angle of the photo but the dinghy with Lady Shirley was taken off the original that came with the Ranger when Ian Cook purchased her. That original was a Lou Tercel design and built creation that could take a large number of crew and was beautiful to row. In many ways it looked like the larger version of another great tender of later years , those built to a Des Townson design and created by Allan Hooper. Both had stability, looks and rowed smoothly and easily through the water.


  3. Andrew wrote a most entertaining (as you would expect) book on his intrepid voyage to the sub-Antarctic islands in SWIRLY WORLD SAILS SOUTH, Harper Collins 2012. Aside from a little preciousness about when she was built on this site, it’s a MUST READ. An amazing man.


  4. Those three boats stole the show for me. But you missed including a comment about Andrew Fagan’s Swirly world tucked in behind Steinlager. I know the boat is built of wood, no idea of the design or history. But Andrew was being a great host when talking about her on Friday.


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