Greyhound + Johnny Wray On TV + Bargain Woody 4sale



Greyhound was an ex WWII 40′ high speed launch .Ex Air Force out of Hobsonville. One of four launches built in the late 1930’s >early 1940′, as Waitemata chase boats for the Catalinas. They were W44; W45; W46; and W88 (now in Wigram Museum). Greyhound is thought to be W45.  She is a sister ship to Jaguar, already featured on woodys  (16.8.2014). The above photo are ex John Bullivant & the present owner, Mark Allen (trademe) via Ken Ricketts.
Allen bought the boat in December 2014 in Tutukaka & motored it down the coast to Whangerei and then took it by road to Helensville, where it resides today. It was out of the water for 6 months being re-glassed & repainted.
During the war it had two engines and would do between 30 and 40 knots, plane over the water. These days she is powered by a 120hp Ford diesel(12 knots), that is currently undergoing repair. If you are looking for a project with some history, I understand the vessel is for sale.

Input from John Bullivant“below is a photo of Jaguar I took in the 70s. She is on the ramp at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club having just been hauled out. The Hansens who owned her had an engineering business in Harp of Erin producing grease guns amongst other products ( I still have one of their grease guns). Jaguar definitely had two stroke diesels at the time this photo was taken (used to love the sound of them). She was moored at little Bucklands beach, pretty much straight out from the owners house for years. I lived on The Parade at Bucklands for many years and saw many well known boats come and go up and down the river including Imatra, Jaguar, Golden Lotus (Alan Harnish and later Rick Irvine who put the cabin on her for diving use) Tarapunga, Alert, Carroma, Jane Gifford, Romo, Rainbow and Rainbow ii and hundreds more. Fleetwing Junior (with cabin) was moored almost in front of our place (belonged to a school friends parents at the time)
Coincidentally there was a plywood yacht of around 45ft named Fleetwood moored about 200ft from her as well.
It was a great place to live in the 60s and 70s and 80s as the river was like Queen st most weekends, but as the price of gas went up there seemed to be fewer launches going out regularly. I’ve noticed a big drop off in weekend boating in the last 20 yrs (maybe it’s just me) but I’ve been out sailing on a few perfect days between Browns Bay and Rangi and been all on my own with not a boat in sight. The first time that happened I thought I was missing something – like a Tsunami warning, a very odd feeling to be out there on your own on a perfect day, would not have been like that in the 70s as the whole area would have been populated with boats of all types.”


The Johnny Wray & Ngataki Story –  On TV Tonight (Sat 18th)


Just a quick heads up that Television NZ will be screening tonight (Sat 18th) the latest series of ‘Te Radars Chequered Past’ on TVOne at 8:05pm. In the opening episode Radar retells the story of Johnny Wray & Ngataki’s creation. I’m told its a cracker & not to be missed – but if you do miss it, in this wonder digital world, you will be able to view it later ‘OnDemand’ link below.
Enjoy 🙂

36′ Grand Banks – ‘NO SALT’ – Must Be Sold – Offers over $50,000 will buy her
Check out the trademe link
Owner contactable on 021 025 46184


15 thoughts on “Greyhound + Johnny Wray On TV + Bargain Woody 4sale

  1. T.E.A.L. had one of their boats with 2 Meadows when I used to go out with them on patrol sometimes — was really neat when you’re about 15 — KEN R


  2. ….but, you’ll agree, hardly “a cracker, and not to be missed”?
    The AWATEA/Swan stuff was just fairy tale too.
    Sorry I missed Hamish Keith…he’s always good value, but I’d switched to CNN to see what Herr Trump was saying at his Nuremberg/Florida Rally.


  3. I enjoyed it. The actor kinda looked like Johhny Wray and the bit of Ngataki sailing actually looked like she was going well…. It wasn’t a doco guys, lighten up a bit…. It hit it’s intended audience. The I’ve just had tea and there’s a pretty boat… (ok stretching to call her pretty, but you get the idea)


  4. To be fair, the programme fulfilled its brief for the ‘light entertainment slot on a Saturday night, presented by a known humorist’. Given TV1’s barrel scraping definition of the genre these days It was never going to be terribly accurate, and nor was it. No surprises at all really,

    History for people who are not interested in history.

    The script was written by Radar and the Ngataki bits were probably just lifted and rewritten from Sth Sea Vagabonds. A perusal of the credits reveals no ‘advisors’ or ‘experts’ on historical aspects whatsoever, just credits for the obligatory sepia pix which as we all know, clearly tells the viewer you are looking at genuine ‘old stuff’. Pictures of people in quaint costumes and a heavy focus on the presenter arsing about can cover a multitude of sins. Roll the credits.

    At least they had Hamish Keith for the Lindauer skit who added a bit of veracity to the script..


  5. Agreed; it was rubbish and Wray’s exploits deserve a far better recognition today.
    ‘Te radar’ obviously knew little of the subject.


  6. Hey, we’re talking about two distinct sets of boats here. Hubert Scott-Paine (correct spelling) specified 6 cylinder petrol Meadows for the 1939 TEAL boats. The Meadows were high quality British proprietary engines used in lots of cars, Invicta, Lagonda, Crossley and later in Bren Gun Carriers. I had one at home for several months (about the same time as I had a Super Squalo Ferrari, sadly only storing them for South Island friends). Nearly made a shrine for it in the lounge.
    The W.G. Lowe & Son W boats for the RNZAF were close copies of the British Power Boat Co boats and had the only engines available, USN RH Grays.


  7. I turned it off after the jokey treatment of NGATAKI and Johnny Wray followed by a repeat of the long-discredited old lies about AWATEA and Swan. What a clown!


  8. Watched the “Te Radar” piece. Skipped lightly over the subject and skipped lightly over the facts. Definitely didn’t do Johnny Wray, Ngataki or viewers any favours. Te Silly!


  9. I wonder why Hubert Scott Payne specified both RH engines — do you have any idea Harold? — They engines I saw may have ben labelled GRAYMARINE Which I would not have bothered to particularly retain recall of because they are still effectively the same engines although most of the Graymarine diesels I ever saw were painted grey. — KEN R


  10. I watched 15 minutes of Te Radar and had enough! The story deserves a movie like Bert Munro’s “One Good Run”


  11. Both W45 and W46 were built by W.G. Lowe & Son in 1942 for the RNZAF and went to Laucala Bay in Fiji as aircraft control launches. W88 was another clone built in 1943. They had twin Graymarine diesels, both RH. Their design closely followed the 2 British Power Boat Co’s 40 footers imported by TEAL which arrived on the EMPIRE STAR on June 12 1939. They were designed by Hubert Scott-Paine and had twin 100hp Meadows 6 cylinder petrol engines. They cost 2300 pounds apiece!


  12. The JAGUAR definitely had 2 x 4-53 Detroits painted bottle green – I knew Jim Ellis who was also a Buckland Beach local & a master clockmaker, (one of only a tiny number in NZ) who ran the boat for the owner. I cruised in my boats, FLYING SCUD & TIARRI, in company with JAGUAR with Jim in charge, many times in the 60s to 80s era. — have lots of 8mm movie. (now on video) footage. of her, with him aboard. — KEN R


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