My Girl Restoration Update

My Girl Restoration Update
Work on Jason Prew’s launch ‘My Girl’ is processing along well – but not at the speed indicated by the above photos. Jason remembers to take photos, but he is a bit slack with telling / showing people 🙂 In fairness, he does keep his weblog up to date, you can see & read more on the project at the link below.

10 thoughts on “My Girl Restoration Update

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  2. Wouldn’t want to put too much weight onto her eh Murray. Might not be able to keep up with the speedsters. C


  3. No Cam she is going to return as a racer, two diagonals of carbon uni laid at opposing + – 45 some triaxial and then a veneer of that plastic teak for the topsides , as you say it is up to the owner….


  4. Kia ora.
    What’s your plan with the seams ?
    Is she getting the real deal cotton and putty?
    Or splines with “boat in a tin” or is she getting boat in a tube seams ?
    Cheers Cameron


  5. What kind of motor, will you fit in her? I am doing up a boat of the same design. My motor is set up in the front of the hull ,where you put your bunks?


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