Just when you think you have uncovered all the woodys out there, up pops another newbie 🙂

Glenn Martin spotted – Jane, resting beside the mangroves in the Hokianga.  Glenn commented that she still has a lot of the original fittings left but from the photos it looks like she has been sitting there for a while and a lot of work would be needed to bring her back. But with time and money anything is possible – just look at the restoration of My Girl as an example





Any input appreciated on Jane’s provenance.

DES TOWNSON – A SAILING LEGACY QUIZ WINNER – William Brown with the answer – Scott Wilson. Well done Bill 🙂

7 thoughts on “Jane

  1. Yep. Sat at the town wharf in Whanganui all the years that I grew up there. Instantly recognised her sitting amongst the mangroves in the Hokianga about 5 years ago. Pleased that someone took the time and energy to haul her out. Hope that somebody accepts the challenge. Regards, Keith

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  2. When I saw your link to “My Girl” and the first photo I immediately recognised her as a “Hand” design which probably preceeded the design used for “Thetis” my last launch. There is another link with thetis and the previous article about her – someone produced a photo of the stern of a vessel with a claim that it was possibly of “Thetis”. This same photo is included with the article on My Girl, and it is indeed very similar to the stern of Thetis. The interior shots are also typical Hand construction – very light for a 36Ft vessel!
    I have a set of designs produced by W.H. Hand if anyone is interested -a number of sailing vessels and launches. Drop me a line.

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  3. Greetings.
    Would anyone know the were abouts of Wanderer? an old Logan yacht I crewed & occasionally sailed on in Wellington.
    She was then owned by a Mr Ted Lisner who could or did not know how to sail so he got Mr Graeme Logan to Skipper her & pull in available crew.
    Sailed from RPNYC Port Nicholson Yacht Clum backing the mid 60s!!
    Did a few Cook Strait races also.

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  4. Jane was built 1913 by Collings & Bell – 32′ 6″ x 8’6″ x 3′ for Stewart & Clifton 1st went to New Plymouth by rail then operated up the Mokau River for Rangi, next to Whanganui about 1935 for 60years with owners Winter & Tait.. Sailed up to Kohukohu for the last 20 years Owners Clarke, Broughan since 2000. I understand she has a new owner.

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