Bay of Islands Eye Candy





Bay of Islands Eye Candy

Today’s post is again from the camera of Dean Wright & will put a smile on the face of the Work Boat boys. The first two photos show ‘Mason Bay’ making her way in from Piercy Island past Bird Rock. And the second two show ‘Swanson’ heading out the the Bay towards Piercy.

Now imagine putting the head on the pillow in Deep Water Cove for the night & being woken in the morning to the dulcet tones of ‘Vibrant Curiosity’s’ helicopter taking off 😦  The super ‘yacht’ (below) snuck into Deep Water Cove under the cover of darkness. I’d be looking for the 12gauge 😉

I received the message below yesterday for a potential woody owner. Please read & if you know of anyone that could help – contact Hamish at

“I am hoping you might be able to assist me with a recommend. I am looking at acquiring a wooden boat – located in Masterton. I am struggling to get down and inspect prior to purchase. Would any of the ww members or persons down in the Wairarapa be able to inspect and report back to me?. I am happy to pay for this service. Regards Hamish”


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