NGATAKI VIDEO – PART THREE – Tony Stevenson – Tino Rawa Trust

Last week the classic wooden boating community were treated to a double whammy –  the re-launch of Johnny Wray’s yacht Ngataki & the launch of a 75th Anniversary edition of his book ‘South Seas Vagabonds’. A grandson, Kelly Hunt, of one of Ngataki’s original crewman – Snow Hunt  was on hand to film the official side of the occasion. There are 3 short video’s.


  1. I meant to say thanks for filming the speeches. BTW I usually have a copy of SSV beside the bed. I’ve been reading it pretty well continuously all these years and go back every now and then -it is so well written despite Johnny’s apologies for his writing skills.


  2. Well. I wasn’t available to come to the launch -family demands intruded. I read South Sea Vagabonds in 1966. We as a family used to cruise the gulf and sometimes used to overnight up the Wade River (sorry Weiti). Ngataki was on a mooring beside The Minerva opposite the motorcamp and just a bit upstream from the WBC. She was in good nick (1961-2) and was pretty original but sported a quite aesthetic doghouse. Regrettably I didn’t think to take a picture of her then although my father had regaled us with stories about the man and his voyages. I was limited in the amount of film I had in the camera and The Minerva won.


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