Johnny Wray’s Essentials Cruising List

Johnny Wray’s Essentials Cruising List

I’m sure all of you are aware of Johnny Wray’s book – ’South Sea Vagabonds’ , if you aren’t – where have you been 🙂

In the December 1949 issue of Seaspray magazine there was an article on Johnny’s 2nd boat – the 1946 launched – 44’ Waihape. As part of the story Johnny lists his 6 key essentials for extended cruising.

Link below for more details on Waihape ex previous WW story

3 thoughts on “Johnny Wray’s Essentials Cruising List

  1. South Sea Vagabonds got me fired up as a young Man so i built a Nick Skeates Wylo.Spent years Crusing the Pacific and Eastcoast Australia….best thing i ever did!


  2. Can remember as a nine year old commercial fishing on my dad’s boat Lady Evelyn around Waiheke, Johnny Wray would steam past at about 2 knots, apparently he would say a bow wave costs money.


  3. Excellent read. — It seems he was ahead of his time in home comforts. He spent much of his time in later life, at Gt Barrier, cruising on WAIHAPE, with Gloria Spencer on ISTALENA — KEN R


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