Rakanoa, Altair & Kotanui

Rakanoa march 1968 (2)

Rakanoa March 1968

Rakanoa, Altair & Kotanui

Its not often that we see a photo of Rakanoa underway, the above 2 photos came to us via Nathan Herbert & are part of Gwenyth Herberts collection. Taken by Jack and Mill Hobbs in the the late 1960’s.

From the same collection, below we have the 43′ Altair at sea in March 1968, while owned by Stan Horner, Altair was built for Horner by Supreme Craft in 1961. More details & photos here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/12/05/altair/

Altair March

And another photo, from the same date, shows Kotanui berthed at Westhaven, anyone able to ID the other vessel’s?
More details & photos on Kotanui here https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/10/16/kotanui-3/    https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/06/15/kotanui/ https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/07/29/kotanui-2/

And even an old movie – Enjoy https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/06/15/kotanui-old-movie-underway-1/

Kotanui Westhaven march 1968


Wakanui & Rakanoa

Wakanui  & Rakanoa – Two classics we don’t see a lot of

The older photos were taken by Gwenyth Herbert from aboard Kotanui. I understand that in the photos Wakanui was only a year old.

Can anyone supply more details on Wakanui?

Harold Kidd Input

According to Salthouses’ records WAKANUI was commissioned by S.G. “Nobby” Clark in 1967. According to Nobby she was finished and launched in early 1968.Bob Salthouse was responsible for her design.

10-01-2016 photo of Wakanui at Great Barrier Island ex Pam Cundy

Wakanui at GB Jan 2016



photos & details ex Nathan Herbert

The two black & white photos show Kotanui just after she slid down the railway slip at the Salthouse yard on launch day. The ‘urban’ wharf photo Nathan thinks is at Whangarei.  The other wharf is at Elizabeth Brooke’s aunts house in Kerikeri with the Julian’s launch Haunui alongside. And one underway, location unknown.

 TIP:   If you search Kotanui in the waitematawoodys search box you will find a lot more info & photos on this wonderful example of a Salthouse built vessel.

Photo of the bow set-up, hallelujah for auto-winches 🙂

Kotanui bow



While down at Milford CC over the weekend ‘supervising’ the painting prep on Rorqual, the launch Kotanui was being hauled out. A little bit of a tight fit 🙂

I have also posted a photo of her being hauled out at (a long time ago) on the beach at what I think is now ‘Gulf Harbour’. Nathan Herbert will correct me I’m sure, it is after all his photo.
Kotanui is a slightly scaled down version of Trinidad & differs in that she has twin engines/screws.

30-10-2016 Hauled out again – this time at Gulf Harbour (photo ex Ken Ricketts)



Story & photos from Nathan Herbert

Named after the original owner’s farm and adjacent island, was designed by Bob Salthouse for J.N (Jack) Hobbs of Hobbs bay Whangaparaoa and built at the Salthouse Greenhithe yard in 1964. She is 44 feet in length and was powered by twin Lister 60hp diesels cruising at 10 knots and pushing her to around 12 knots with mechanical gearboxes, later replaced by twin Fords on hydraulic gearboxes but retaining the original gear levers. She is a motorsailer with main and headsail of almost equal dimensions.

Her design is modelled from Jack’s previous launch the Pacific, which his father had built by Joe Slattery. Layout is practical with galley in the aft dodger area, long settee berths in the saloon coming up to a flat- floored wheelhouse with engines beneath (a bonus of the bridgedeck layout) and master accommodation and head for’d.

Before the Gulf harbour marina was built she would be hauled up at the eastern end of Hobbs Bay on a purpose- built slipway, operated by a winch driven from a Fordson Major tractor. Pacific had the same setup alongside her. Kotanui was the first boat to enter and berth in the new Gulf Harbour marina, followed by the Pacific.

A fixture of the Auckland cruising fleet from her launch until Jack’s death in 1991 at age 84, Bob Salthouse notes that her presence “opened a few eyes” leading to further commissions of fine, large launches.

Kotanui is now berthed on the marina in Milford, with very few alterations (refer 2012 photo ex Alan Houghton)

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