photos & details ex Nathan Herbert

The two black & white photos show Kotanui just after she slid down the railway slip at the Salthouse yard on launch day. The ‘urban’ wharf photo Nathan thinks is at Whangarei.  The other wharf is at Elizabeth Brooke’s aunts house in Kerikeri with the Julian’s launch Haunui alongside. And one underway, location unknown.

 TIP:   If you search Kotanui in the waitematawoodys search box you will find a lot more info & photos on this wonderful example of a Salthouse built vessel.

Photo of the bow set-up, hallelujah for auto-winches 🙂

Kotanui bow

3 thoughts on “Kotanui

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  2. She’s currently on the hard stand at Milford getting some love.. New copper keel protection and sacrificial plank along with much more. Rorqual is along side her having stripped a cutless bearingand damaged another. (Insurance job)


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