photos & details ex Lyn McGeady, Karen Moren, Brian Worthington, Sea Spray Magazine & Ken Ricketts. edited by AH

Altair was launched on 30th November 1961 by the floating crane at Auckland, having been one of the later boats built at 1A Summer St Ponsonby by Mac McGeady, (Supreme Craft), as production ceased in 1965. She was built for Stan Horner.
Altair is 43′ x 12′ 6″ beam, is single skin with 1 & ¼” kauri planking, mahogany coamings, laminated marine plywood cabin tops, supported by laminated mahogany beams & kauri decks. She was powered by twin 6 cyl., 100hp, 590E, naturally aspirated, Ford diesels, fitted with Paragon 2 to 1 gear box & reduction gears. The engines were marinised & supplied by John W Andrew Ltd when launched & installed by Tracey Nelson. Cruising speed was originally 9½ knots at 1800 RPM over the measured mile.

She is one of the comparatively small number of bridgedeckers designed & built by McGeady & is probably one of the best examples of this concept he ever created. The interior is all mahogany & the layout was done by Stan Horner for their family needs. The majority of the interior was carpeted. One interesting feature is that she has “round” portholes in the flare of the bow, a rare departure from the McGeady “trademark” of the “oblong” concept as used an almost all of his boats post WWII.

Below are photos of the log she was created from, not many boats can trace their provenance this far back.


5 thoughts on “Altair

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  2. Stan Horner was a director/manager?? of Cain Steel Ltd and Steel Tanks and Structures Ltd in Penrose during the 1950-1980’s where my father worked until he retired.

    Russ Hooper (M-class M44 Marquita and K-class K12 Sapphire) was an executive there as well, as was Alan Vause (C57 Scimitar and A58 Avian) .

    One of them, Stan I think, had married George Cain’s daughter. Russ may have married another daughter….. a bit hazy there.,


  3. Magnificent Altair. Everything seems to be drawn and built just right.
    But I have one comment AH and wish to get in before Pam. You state Altair is “single skin with 1″ & 1/4″ kauri planking”. Now including the & suggests two skins. Surely you meant 1 1/4″ kauri planking. Another excellent post to you blog and I agree that the pictures of the kauri log being split really make this boat’s provenance.


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