Kerikeri Wharf

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Todays photos come to us from Nathan Herbert and show a small flotilla of woodys that regularly cruised together – the boats being – Kudu, Lynmar, Kotanui, Haunui, and Valhalla. On this cruise Rakanoa was present also but had not made the trip up the river for provisions, she decided to ’stay out’ at anchor.

Nathan commented that Kotanui was always the ‘pilot’ boat for the Kerikeri river being as his grandfather – Jack Hobbs had been up so many times over the years in Pacific, now owned by Nathan.
Dulcie Dennes (Valhalla) told Nathan that on this particular trip, the men were sent up to Kerikeri township to get groceries, and forgot them altogether, instead spending the whole time at the pub. They had to hitch a ride on an orchard truck back down to the Stone Store basin, a few sheets to the wind…  I understand not all the men were guilty – Jack and Harry Julian had stayed at the boats to keep an eye on them.
Yesterdays Best Caption Competition
The comments section on WW only ever goes a maximum of 15 (the last 15) comments, so I have reproduced them below. Given Flora’s on / off relationship with the boys in blue – her winner is Matthew Drake.  
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Click to view / enlarge the below 🙂 Thanks for all the entries

3 thoughts on “Kerikeri Wharf

  1. Highly recommend going here.
    The photos of some of the Kaipara working boats are worth the visit alone
    12 out of 10.


  2. Great Pic Nat, — Really tickles my back, as, like’s you, they, along with that place, where all part of me life as well.
    So sad that Hary, & some of them others, are no longer with us, but we all still have our lovely memories off them. — KEN R


  3. Hi Alan

    I’m a boat builder based in Matakohe and have been following your page for some time now. It was a thrill to see my friend Brett Stanaway and Sea Bee featured in your post earlier in the week as he was a local here in Matakohe for many years. I live in the shadow of the Kauri Museum and am heavily involved in the Museum. In these changing times we find ourselves needing to explore every opportunity to connect with new visitors. I was hoping you would consider adding the link of this little video I have put together to one of you posts. I know its not really in line with your usual posts but about half way through I do show the last ever Arch Logan built boat which is a part of our collection. I believe the museum would be of interest to your viewers and would love to have them come visit us when they are able to again. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to enjoying your posts long into the future.

    Kind regards Nick Tetzner



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