Oops – Best caption

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OOPS – Best Caption

Something new today – best caption, judged by Flora, wins a WW t-shirt. Enter in the comments section. Closes 8pm 17-04-2020
Photo sent in by Darrin Kennedy
The teddy bear in your houses front window (for children to spot on their daily exercise walks) during the CV-19 lock-down is a very cool thing – Taupo based woodys Cathy & Shawn Vennell have stepped it up a notch – we like that 🙂

53 thoughts on “Oops – Best caption

  1. The Auckland Maritime Police demonstrate their ‘level 4’ strategy to stop boaties who are making a run for Great Barrier during the COVID lockdown. Stay home and stay safe people!


  2. Having seen the tender garages on the latest super yachts… Bruce thought he could add one amidships!


  3. Modified version of the above;

    ‘Have your boat “TEE BOATED” by the experts’.
    Phone us for same day, 24 hour, 7 day service, at MAYDAY CHANNEL 16 24-7


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