Mystery Thames Launch 30-09-2022

MYSTERY THAMES LAUNCH – 30-09-22Georgella > Kakariki

Earlier in the week I was visiting Thames and popped into the Thames Sailing Club marina, as mentioned the other day, first time when the tides been in – certainly has a different feel when all the woodys are floating 🙂

I went for a wander around the docks and spied the above bridge-decker – no name and crying out for some serious TLC, you could land a helicopter on the duck board.

One feature stood out – no windows on the port-side aft cabin, intentional? Or just never got around to fitting them?

I get back to Auckland and I’m showing the Thames photos to a woody mate and they tell me it may have changed hands and be joining its new owner’s armada in Auckland …………..

Can we put a name and some history to the craft?

INPUT ex Mark McLaughlin – This is KAKARIKI (launched as GEORGELLA). She is one of the three remaining Norm Beetson designed “four sisters” which have all featured previously on WW.

Link here