Mystery Thames Launch 30-09-2022

MYSTERY THAMES LAUNCH – 30-09-22Georgella > Kakariki

Earlier in the week I was visiting Thames and popped into the Thames Sailing Club marina, as mentioned the other day, first time when the tides been in – certainly has a different feel when all the woodys are floating 🙂

I went for a wander around the docks and spied the above bridge-decker – no name and crying out for some serious TLC, you could land a helicopter on the duck board.

One feature stood out – no windows on the port-side aft cabin, intentional? Or just never got around to fitting them?

I get back to Auckland and I’m showing the Thames photos to a woody mate and they tell me it may have changed hands and be joining its new owner’s armada in Auckland …………..

Can we put a name and some history to the craft?

INPUT ex Mark McLaughlin – This is KAKARIKI (launched as GEORGELLA). She is one of the three remaining Norm Beetson designed “four sisters” which have all featured previously on WW.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.57.19 am

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.54.55 am

Naiad is a Norm Beetson design, built in 1957 by Stan Blake. She is a sister ship to Gayella & Georgella (later Kararik) & based on Beetson’s own, 32’ Acquiesce. In a previous life (1966>1970) she was owned by Russell Ward’s father, & back then powered by a 60hp Ford diesel.
She measures 36’ & these days the zoom zoom is via a 120hp Ford.
In recent years she has been hauled out at Te Atatu Boating Club & as you can see in the above photos, has received a lot of work.
Unfortunately her owner has to move Naiad on, so she is offered up for sale as a work-in-process. Most of the bits , including engine, gearbox, tanks etc are on hand to complete the rebuild.
She is currently back in the water, so we know she floats 😉
She looks a lot different from ‘as designed’ – I have included below some b/w photo’s for reference.
Details via Harold Kidd & trademe listing heads up from Ian McDonald.
Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 10.56.54 am

Kakariki (Georgella)

KAKARIKI (Georgella)

details from Harold Kidd & Andrew ex trademe

Kakariki is one of the 4 ‘sisters’ designed Norm Beetson built, they were launched in the following order –  Acquiesce, Gayella, Naiad, Kakariki (launched as Georgella).

The 32 footer Acquiesce was built by Norm for himself in 1948 for himself at 70 Kildaire Ave, St. Heliers followed by the 33 footer Gayella in 1952 to the same design, built by George Roberts for himself at St. Heliers (Chrysler Crown), then Naiad by Stan Blake for himself in 1956 and Georgella in 1959 by George Roberts again for himself with a Fordson. Georgella was sold to the famous petrol-head Les Stericker who renamed her Kakariki. Gayella has been in Andrew Pollard’s family since his grandfather Shorty Sefton (Mr. Gardner in Auckland) bought her in 1963.

The question of the day is – where is Acquiesce?

Kakariki is currently for sale on trademe

Mark McLaughlin Update

ACQUIESCE was for sale a couple of years ago at the Panmure Bridge. I had a look over her when she was on the slip there. Her owner at the time told me she was repowered c.1965 with a 4cyl Fordson. She now resides on a swing mooring at Okahu Bay.
NAIAD was up at Te Atatu recently, GAYELLA is on a pile mooring up the Tamaki Estuary and KAKARIKI (GEORGELLA) is at the Thames boat harbour.