4 Norm Beetson Sisters


Thanks to Mark McLaughlin sending in a photo of Acquiesce we now have photos of all 4 of the Beetson designed sister’s. Interesting to compare the ‘changes’ over the years.

Apparently all four boats were featured in the 1950’s on the cover of Sea Spray, would love to get a scan/photo of the cover & the article inside the mag – Harold ???

Scroll down to the previous post for details on the 4 launches – Acquiesce, Gayella, Naiad, Kakariki (launched as Georgella)

4 thoughts on “4 Norm Beetson Sisters

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  2. Hi Alan Hope you dont mind my directing this message to you via waitematawoodys but havent been able to nut out another way of asking to have my email address changed. An earlier attempt via another method failed to bear fruit.

    Could you please delete from the data base the entry c_lawler@xtra.co.nz and replace it with flanderspacific@gmail.com .

    Id be grateful.

    Thanks very much.

    Regards John Fleming (Adonis)


  3. I knew Norm Beatson when I was a litlle boy. He lived in our street, at no. 5 Ambury Ave Epsom, in the war years, & moved circa 1944-45 — he was a very multi talented person who had an interst in the metal casting industry at that time. — His children & I were around the same age & used to play together– I was corca 6 to 10 years old in that era — KEN RICKETTS


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