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Naiad is a Norm Beetson design, built in 1957 by Stan Blake. She is a sister ship to Gayella & Georgella (later Kararik) & based on Beetson’s own, 32’ Acquiesce. In a previous life (1966>1970) she was owned by Russell Ward’s father, & back then powered by a 60hp Ford diesel.
She measures 36’ & these days the zoom zoom is via a 120hp Ford.
In recent years she has been hauled out at Te Atatu Boating Club & as you can see in the above photos, has received a lot of work.
Unfortunately her owner has to move Naiad on, so she is offered up for sale as a work-in-process. Most of the bits , including engine, gearbox, tanks etc are on hand to complete the rebuild.
She is currently back in the water, so we know she floats 😉
She looks a lot different from ‘as designed’ – I have included below some b/w photo’s for reference.
Details via Harold Kidd & trademe listing heads up from Ian McDonald.
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Acquiesce – Garage Sale


Acquiesce 1

I have been contacted by Robin Fullerton who owned Acquiesce that came to grief on Auckland’s waterfront breakwater during a recent storm. The story of her final days was well covered on ww.
Now like so many (too many) classics, Acquiesce was under insured & Robin is faced with having to sell all the good bits off her to help fund the replacement boat.
Below is an inventory of what Robin saved before the hull went to the land-fill. Ideally Robin would like to move on as one lot, and that the would be reflected in price, so woodys if you or someone you know has a project on the go – maybe this lot or parts of it would be of use. The 7 matching brass portals alone must be of interest to someone, I wouldn’t like to guess what they would cost new.
Robin can be contacted on  09 629 3857, txt 027 227 50 44


2 12v capstans one with gypsy and button, + cables. 150ft as new short link chain, 2 cqr plough 25 /30lb anchors, 1 hose down pump, 1 head waste pump,12v, wooden steering wheel, 22in across complete with shaft and sprockets.1 deck hatch as new 2ft x 2ft with centre alloy hatch, 1 prop shaft, 10ft 4in, x 1and quarter in dia, need to be checked, complete with 6point clamp and hanger bearing, Simms injector pump,Spe, 4A70S371 P8615/RMO,Being rebuilt, Starter motors, x2 12v, VHS radio,as new waterproof, 2 hand rails, 1 wall shelf, Heat exchanger complete with water exhaust, manifolds flanges, 7 brass portals, 8in x 5, Solar panel, reads 16v,timber surround, Varnished mast 5ft, x31in xtree, aerial dish, 2riding lights, stern light, The motor was 60hp Fordson lees marinised circa mid 50s. 6 lifejackets, and other bits and pieces, stainless sink, xstock fuel filters complete ready to bolt on


photos & details ex Tim Brown

The existing ww post on Acquiesce prompted Tim to send me the above photos (reproduced from slides) of Acquiesce taken while owned by Tim’s uncles, Tinny and Bunty Brown while they owned her for a few years during the 1960s (Tim thinks).

Some look like they are on a cruise (Barrier?) and spent some time hanging out with the scow Owhiti… The question of the day, whats the other launch alongside Owhiti?

To view more on Acquiesce click this link

More photos just in from Tim. That bow is something else 🙂

The launch along side the starboard side of the Owhiti was if Tim recalls, owned and built by either the manager or foreman of Shipbuilders.  It certainly has a distinctively flared bow….

Acquiesce – One of Norm Beetson’s 4 Sisters

Acquiesce – One of Norm Beetson’s 4 Sisters
details & photos ex Jason Mills

The waitematawoodys article on Norm Beetson’s 4 Sisters was brought to Jason Mills families attention and they decided to add to the Acquiesce story.

Jason’s parents purchased Acquiesce around May 2008 and sold her sometime in 2010. His father first saw Acquiesce moored in the Tamaki River, approached the owner (who had owned her for approx. 30 years) and they agreed to sell her.
Although purchased in a seaworthy condition, she did need an amount of cosmetic repairs which Jason’s father started on. Unfortunately, his father developed health problems, which made the repairs very difficult to carry out and he decided to sell, still with alot to be done.
As a side note, not long after Jason’s parents had purchased Acquiesce it was brought to their attention the Sea Spray article on the 4 Sisters. After approaching Sea Spray (and having to purchase a subscription for a year) they sent the Mills family a scan of the article, but not the cover though.
The below relevant pages from the Sea Spray magazine are somewhat ‘warped’ due to being close to the centre fold but are still legible and also featured are photos of Acquiesce during the Mills ownership. The SS article also has a photo under construction and states the fourth as being named ‘Calypso’ and not  ‘Kakariki (launched as Georgella)’ as stated on the ww site.

4 Norm Beetson Sisters


Thanks to Mark McLaughlin sending in a photo of Acquiesce we now have photos of all 4 of the Beetson designed sister’s. Interesting to compare the ‘changes’ over the years.

Apparently all four boats were featured in the 1950’s on the cover of Sea Spray, would love to get a scan/photo of the cover & the article inside the mag – Harold ???

Scroll down to the previous post for details on the 4 launches – Acquiesce, Gayella, Naiad, Kakariki (launched as Georgella)

Kakariki (Georgella)

KAKARIKI (Georgella)

details from Harold Kidd & Andrew ex trademe

Kakariki is one of the 4 ‘sisters’ designed Norm Beetson built, they were launched in the following order –  Acquiesce, Gayella, Naiad, Kakariki (launched as Georgella).

The 32 footer Acquiesce was built by Norm for himself in 1948 for himself at 70 Kildaire Ave, St. Heliers followed by the 33 footer Gayella in 1952 to the same design, built by George Roberts for himself at St. Heliers (Chrysler Crown), then Naiad by Stan Blake for himself in 1956 and Georgella in 1959 by George Roberts again for himself with a Fordson. Georgella was sold to the famous petrol-head Les Stericker who renamed her Kakariki. Gayella has been in Andrew Pollard’s family since his grandfather Shorty Sefton (Mr. Gardner in Auckland) bought her in 1963.

The question of the day is – where is Acquiesce?

Kakariki is currently for sale on trademe

Mark McLaughlin Update

ACQUIESCE was for sale a couple of years ago at the Panmure Bridge. I had a look over her when she was on the slip there. Her owner at the time told me she was repowered c.1965 with a 4cyl Fordson. She now resides on a swing mooring at Okahu Bay.
NAIAD was up at Te Atatu recently, GAYELLA is on a pile mooring up the Tamaki Estuary and KAKARIKI (GEORGELLA) is at the Thames boat harbour.