photos & details ex Tim Brown

The existing ww post on Acquiesce prompted Tim to send me the above photos (reproduced from slides) of Acquiesce taken while owned by Tim’s uncles, Tinny and Bunty Brown while they owned her for a few years during the 1960s (Tim thinks).

Some look like they are on a cruise (Barrier?) and spent some time hanging out with the scow Owhiti… The question of the day, whats the other launch alongside Owhiti?

To view more on Acquiesce click this link

More photos just in from Tim. That bow is something else 🙂

The launch along side the starboard side of the Owhiti was if Tim recalls, owned and built by either the manager or foreman of Shipbuilders.  It certainly has a distinctively flared bow….

15 thoughts on “Acquiesce

  1. Boat in photo has 3 portholes visible on stbd bow, tall aerial on mast and is in a series of photos taken by the owners. ….


  2. Ok – reasons for my comments above,
    1 SOBRINE has a flagpole on the dodger top the same as the pic I have sent to Alan, & Acquiesce doesn’t.
    2 SOBRINE has 2 portholes in the flare the same size in the same positions as the pic., & Acquiesce has 3
    3 SOBRINE is fuller in the bow — KEN R


  3. Will send a pic of her taken from 8 mm movies compare for yourself

    Photo below AH


  4. I have had a good look at the OWHITI photo, & the 3 boats, to synopsize, are, WEATHERLY, as already confirmed, OWHITI of course, & the 3rd one, is the definitely SOBRINE, before she was lengthened, & still had her original short mast, (I have movie footage of this), so they are all sorted now. — KEN R


  5. There used to be a boat on westhaven pile berths back in the 80s with a bow like that…
    named Weatherly if i remember correctly.


  6. Indeed it appears to be far too wide a flare for it’s height to be a Woolley, Williams etc. But too low to be the superstructure of Romany and her sisters. There is a smaller 34ish ft Steadman on trademe at the moment but has too narrow a superstructure to be the boat in pic, and has unusual for’d facing roof overhangs.


  7. The skipper of OWHITI at that time would have been Bill Goodall (Owhiti Bill).The three Browns Tinny, Bunty and Rex were all fearless coastal skippers


  8. The other boat with its dramatic flare, is almost certainly one of the number of Shipbuilders boats built between the very late 1940s &1960s where Roy Steadman had a big input in to the design & pioneered a full half circle bow at the deckline in the late 40s with his own 28 ft. bridgedecker the NAUTY GIRL, being the first one I knew of, but another one that comes to mind is ROMANY, but it could be any of quite a number. — KEN RICKETTS


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