Mollie is currently for sale on trademe & Harold Kidd commented that she is most likely the Mollie built by Lane Motor Boat Co. in December 1911 for P R Colebrook which he replaced with the second Mollie (now Raiona) in 1919.
She is 39′ long & carvel planked . Currently powered by a a 120hp Perkins that pushes her along at 8 to 9 knots.

Anyone able to add more to her history?

12 thoughts on “Mollie

  1. Update on mollie we steamed down from whangaparoa on Friday left at 6 am got in to tauranga at 9 pm Friday night she runs like a dream we had 15knot easterly all the way down and she just rode the waves perfectly I have owned modern launches pelins etc and mollie handles the water so much nicer she’s a pleasure to skipper and look fwd to Many years of good boating with mollie cheers


  2. The history of this launch is typically complex.
    She was launched by T.M. Lane & Sons in December 1911 as a 35’x8’6″ launch for Capt. Somerville and his wife and fitted with a 18hp 4 cylinder Scripps. Major Lane raced her with NZPBA for Capt Somerville on occasion. However the Somervilles cruised with Walter Bailey and Bill Lowe in their PRINCESS during that summer with the result that MOLLIE was hauled out at Bailey & Lowe’s slip in September 1912 “for alterations and additions”.
    Somerville sold her to Percy Colebrook in 1914. He kept her until he commissioned the new MOLLIE from Joe Slattery in 1919. He sold this MOLLIE to Cecil Leys who renamed her RONGO (not to be confused with the later RONGO!). Leys had her extensively altered by Chas. Bailey. I’m not sure whether the extra 3 to 4 feet were put in her by Bailey & Lowe in in 1912 or by Chas. Bailey in 1919. I think the latter.
    She remained RONGO (I) even after Leys sold her and bought GLADYS II and renamed that launch RONGO in May 1930. From here it gets even more convoluted, so I’ll spare you the confusion between the various MOLLIEs, RONGOs and GLADYSes.
    Why do launch owners do this?
    At least it’s not as hard a trail to follow as with the various DRAYTONs, MAUDE T’s and SPEEDWELLs!
    I guess someone recently has found “MOLLIE” engraved in her bows and she’s finally reverted to her original name after 96 years.


  3. Hi I have bought mollie we are taking her to tauranga for a few tidy over the winter all work will be done with mollie in the water I would love to know of any history regarding mollie if anyone could let me know cheers simon 0299574374


  4. But this is Colebrook’s FIRST MOLLIE. He went to Joe Slattery for MOLLIE (2), now RAIONA, probably because Joe had been foreman at Lanes when this MOLLIE was commissioned in August 1911.


  5. Raiona/Alcestis/Mollie was Mollie when H.D.Guthrie bought it.He changed the name to Alcestis which was the name of his fathers sailing ship based in Dunedin where they lived at that early stage.


  6. Not sure. Had sent the link to my sister but when I checked the listing this morning it had gone – “sold to another member”


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