Acquiesce – Garage Sale


Acquiesce 1

I have been contacted by Robin Fullerton who owned Acquiesce that came to grief on Auckland’s waterfront breakwater during a recent storm. The story of her final days was well covered on ww.
Now like so many (too many) classics, Acquiesce was under insured & Robin is faced with having to sell all the good bits off her to help fund the replacement boat.
Below is an inventory of what Robin saved before the hull went to the land-fill. Ideally Robin would like to move on as one lot, and that the would be reflected in price, so woodys if you or someone you know has a project on the go – maybe this lot or parts of it would be of use. The 7 matching brass portals alone must be of interest to someone, I wouldn’t like to guess what they would cost new.
Robin can be contacted on  09 629 3857, txt 027 227 50 44


2 12v capstans one with gypsy and button, + cables. 150ft as new short link chain, 2 cqr plough 25 /30lb anchors, 1 hose down pump, 1 head waste pump,12v, wooden steering wheel, 22in across complete with shaft and sprockets.1 deck hatch as new 2ft x 2ft with centre alloy hatch, 1 prop shaft, 10ft 4in, x 1and quarter in dia, need to be checked, complete with 6point clamp and hanger bearing, Simms injector pump,Spe, 4A70S371 P8615/RMO,Being rebuilt, Starter motors, x2 12v, VHS radio,as new waterproof, 2 hand rails, 1 wall shelf, Heat exchanger complete with water exhaust, manifolds flanges, 7 brass portals, 8in x 5, Solar panel, reads 16v,timber surround, Varnished mast 5ft, x31in xtree, aerial dish, 2riding lights, stern light, The motor was 60hp Fordson lees marinised circa mid 50s. 6 lifejackets, and other bits and pieces, stainless sink, xstock fuel filters complete ready to bolt on

3 thoughts on “Acquiesce – Garage Sale

  1. Hi Alan, hope this email finds you in fine form, Ive been able to pass on some salvaged bits, and have listed some on t/m. Those that have been here, are quite aware of W.W. Including the new owner of NIADE,the sistership bridgedecker,that is having a makeover at Te Atatu yard, A pleasure to look over,still with the original brass name plaque,and will now have Acquiesces mast stepped,so i guess a bit of adopted history will still float down the harbour,I am trying to locate a length of studlink chain to upgrade my mooring if any member can assist would be most appreciated up to around 17ft or so,Many thanks once again for all the support, not forgotten, kind regards Robin.

    On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 7:02 PM, – the classic wooden bo


  2. I am interested in the portals. I have acquired AHB and the original ports have been removed.Want to replace them.


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