Castaway & La Rosa On The Slip

Two of the CYA ‘s launch fleet have been getting some late summer TLC

La Rosa

Ward House & Bob Stevenson  had their 1923 Ernie Harvey launch out recenty at Tamaki to take her underwater surface back to bare wood & treated with Chem Bar (the Altex equivalent of International Primercon), the topsides received a splash of paint as well- looking very sharp for a 90 year old.

Update 23-12-2019 La Rosa hauled out for some TLC, interesting to note the no growth of marine animals what so ever around metallic parts after being in the tide for 3 plus years. Note, no propspeed as well. Baden Pascoe supplied the photos and commented that if she had anodes she would have needed a tow to the slip.



Chris Leech’s 1947 Dick Lang launch seen here on the slip at the Devonport Yacht Club. Once a familiar sight on the harbour, lately its rare to see her away from her marina, Chris has almost earned the ‘floating man bach’ award 🙂  Hopefully this work will mean she is out & about more.

3 thoughts on “Castaway & La Rosa On The Slip

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  2. La Rosa which I’ve seen many times throught the years, looks amazingly similar to THE ROSE, owned by Tindale the taxi proprietor in New Lynn in the later 40s & 50s & even has a similar name — THE ROSE had a twin cylinder lister, & her combings were “modernised” by R Lidgard in the 40s.& early 50s –KEN RICKETTS


  3. It is good to see that AH still has his sense of humour, although perhaps slighlty warped at times. Although the term Floating Bach does hark back to a previous article by AH in the Mahurangi Regatta publication, and a term I use frequently.


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