SV Britannia


Todays woody is the 38’ gaff cutter Britannia, built in 1898 she has been owned by the same family for 110 years. The video is hosted by Anne Davis who talks us thru how she fell for Britannia and become the 4th generation proud owner.Its a great watch – enjoy 🙂

ANYONE KNOW SOMEONE THAT LAYS / FITS BOAT CARPET – I have the carpet and a template of sorts (1st photo below)– so probably need to check measurements > cut & edge trim.The grey ‘carpet’ (top) was what came with the boat 15 yrs ago, fitted perfectly but looked like it should be in a Haines Hunter. I fitted other carpet (2nd photo below) but have never been happy with the job. So help (paid) wanted. Drop me a line

Aussie 18′ Racing Woodys – Sailing Sunday

Aussie 18′ Racing Woodys – Sailing Sunday

Robin Elliott sent me the above link to a very cool video that Australian Ian Smith has just put up on-line of how he built a replica of the 1919 traditional seam-batten Sydney 18 footer – Britannia in 2001-2002. Its approx 15min long & covers from lofting to launch > sailing. Great footage & a good commentary.

Robin also shared the link below to the ‘The Open Boat’ website which is a treasure trove of videos on the Australian small wooden sailing world. Do not blame me if your still watching it hours later 🙂

CYA 2017 Classic Regatta
I snapped a few quick photos, below, yesterday while I was heading over to Westhaven to fuel up & then decided to pop in at Regatta HQ for a cleansing ale. More photos tomorrow from the Regatta’s classic woody launch parade &  lunch cruise to Riverhead Hotel. If you are out & about this morning & want to see the fine collection of classic woody launches, we will be passing in front of the RNZYS at approx. 10.30am.



Tui – Sailing Sunday

Tui – Sailing Sunday

I have had to photoshop the above photo as there were a few visible clues.
So the question today is – whats the boat & why she it famous?

After she has been ID’ed I will supply more details on the how I received the photo 😉

Update: The above P-Class is in fact Tui, built in Auckland by David Marks in 1952 and given to Her Majesty the Queen with the suggestion that Prince Charles might like to learn to sail in her. She is presently on loan to the ex Royal yacht Britannia from Portsmouth Naval Base. The photo was sent to me by David Balderston who visited Britannia recently while on holiday.

19-10-2015 Photo below of Tui’s display card was sent in by Greg Fenwick

12-09-2017 Input from Christopher Deane

Last month when we were in Edinburg, Scotland we went for a tour on the Royal Britannia .

I must say it is a very interesting tour. The first Yacht I have been on which carries a Rolls Royce as standard equipment.

Another interesting find was this P Class sailing yacht Tui that was presented to the Queen, during her tour in 1953 .


As a bonus today click the link to view some eye candy from the Panerai Regatta in Cannes. Photos courtesy of Classic Yacht / Guido Cantini / Officine Panerai

Royal Visit – Britannia


Royal Visit - Brittania

Royal Visit 1963 – Britannia

Photo taken by William (Bill) Fletcher, ex commodore of the Devonport Yacht club, Grant Cardno’s step grandfather.
Fletcher was an active photographer.
While Britannia is an interesting backround boat, waitematawoodys is more interested in the wooden launches in the foreground.
Any input on naming them would be appreciated.

Photo supplied by Grant Cardno