Tui – Sailing Sunday

Tui – Sailing Sunday

I have had to photoshop the above photo as there were a few visible clues.
So the question today is – whats the boat & why she it famous?

After she has been ID’ed I will supply more details on the how I received the photo 😉

Update: The above P-Class is in fact Tui, built in Auckland by David Marks in 1952 and given to Her Majesty the Queen with the suggestion that Prince Charles might like to learn to sail in her. She is presently on loan to the ex Royal yacht Britannia from Portsmouth Naval Base. The photo was sent to me by David Balderston who visited Britannia recently while on holiday.

19-10-2015 Photo below of Tui’s display card was sent in by Greg Fenwick

12-09-2017 Input from Christopher Deane

Last month when we were in Edinburg, Scotland we went for a tour on the Royal Britannia .

I must say it is a very interesting tour. The first Yacht I have been on which carries a Rolls Royce as standard equipment.

Another interesting find was this P Class sailing yacht Tui that was presented to the Queen, during her tour in 1953 .


As a bonus today click the link to view some eye candy from the Panerai Regatta in Cannes. Photos courtesy of Classic Yacht / Guido Cantini / Officine Panerai

9 thoughts on “Tui – Sailing Sunday

  1. That plastic X Class was something of a horror despite having Mander ancestry. John Chapple and I did a demo of the first one in Auckland one windy Anniversary Regatta. We canned out off Tamaki YC doing a cowboy broad lead under kite and were glad to get off her. She was a bit of a barge.


  2. I have them as both having a hand in it, but in all the news reports I read, there is no mention of John Sharps at all. Marks and Sharps did however build a number of yachts together.

    Surprisingly, Sea Spray is silent on the whole matter.

    Tui was a gift for Prince Charles from the Auckland Harbour Board and was the first of many objects the Queen had to smile and offer polite thanks over when she stepped ashore on 23 December 1953.

    Poor old Charles got lumbered with another one a few years later when he was presented with a twin trapeze fibreglass X-Class. They didn’t know what to do with that either.“prince charles”&searchLimits=exactPhrase=prince+charles|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom=1953-12-01|||dateTo=1954-01-31|||l-advcategory=Article|||sortby=dateAsc“prince charles”&searchLimits=exactPhrase=prince+charles|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom=1953-12-01|||dateTo=1954-01-31|||l-advcategory=Article|||sortby=dateAsc


  3. Sorry, Russell, can’t confirm. TUI (P181) was built by Dave Marks as a commission for a gift for Prince Charles in 1953. She was a kauri, mottled kauri, and a selection of NZ timbers in her laminated centreboard. More a piece of cabinet work than boat building. Dave Marks and John Sharp were close contemporaries and colleagues so they’re kind of easy to confuse at this distance. Both were exceptional builders of fast, light centreboarders.


  4. I have a feeling that it was John Sharpes who built her. Please confirm or knife me Harold. He was with Vos in WW2, later Sutton and Mason and latterly at Carrington Tech. Very keen on 14 footers (X class). A fine builder.


  5. Don’t believe Charles ever got to sail her after the Duke was taken down the harbour on an A class and observed a capsize race off Kohi , which wasn’t explained well and he decided that the P’s looked desperately unstable!


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