Lidgard 52′ Launch


Built c.1965 by Lidgards, three skin heart kauri & solid teak. Powered by twin 130hp Ford Dovers. Her specs are length – 52’5”, beam – 15’5”, draft – 5’2”.

Underway photo ex Ken Rickets, interior photos ex web. Her name is unknown to me.

7 thoughts on “Lidgard 52′ Launch

  1. Hi Alan, Just saw this truck driving out of the Motueka marina with  bones of a very old kauri work boat that was euthenased with a chainsaw today. For the last 3 yrs that I know of she was being slowly & lovingly repaired and painted up all pretty while afloat in the marina to serve as a dwelling for its owner also with big dreams and plans for the high seas. It was well known she was seriously dodgy in her floors and keel which her owner didnt want to acknoledge. By the time she was looking rather smart 2 new owners also needing a dwelling took her on and did a lot more work to make her even more pretty and also structural work to reduce the load on the bildge pumps but after a few short mths the authorities finally stepped in and deemed her unseaworthy and she was ordered out of the water. One week later its all over. She was talk of the marina for a yr or so as a boat with an unlikley sea going future even tho efforts were being put in by her last owners….. with more optimism than the skills and resources that were actually needed to save her. Even so she ended her days looking very very smart. I was too slow to get a picture before the main cabin came off. It seems there is a great deal of emotion and history and nostalgia attached to an old boat which makes it very difficult for us to accept sometimes that her days are over. In old times they could be left to rot on a sandbank or to finally sink on her mooring.  She was called Te Nui and about 30ft single skin kauri. Mark Jarvis

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