Santa Rosa – Argyll – Lady Argyle

Santa Rosa > Argyll > Lady Argyle
Updated details from Harold Kidd, Don Galbraith, Lynton Bates, the Lidgard family & Ken Ricketts. photos ex Don Galbraith& KR

Lady Argyle was built in 1965 by John Lidgard at his Glen Eden factory, for Mac Stewart & one other partner (a taxi driver), when launched she was named Santa Rosa. She was built based on drawings done for the original owner by “Hoki” Williams, a retired staff member of Shipbuilders Ltd., with modifications by John Lidgard.

She is a  big volume, massively strong traditional bridge-decker measuring 52′ with about 15′ beam & an impressive flared bow. She is still powered by what is believed to be her original engines, 2 x 6 cyl. 130hp Ford Dover diesels, with 2 enormous props, which John & Graeme Lidgard both think are original.

Mac Stewart & partner retained her until c.1975. Norm Galbraith was the next owner & changed her name to Argyll after the part of Scotland from which the Galbraiths originated. The Galbraiths sold her to Maurice Mahaffe (a Salvation Army officer) who  changed her name to Lady Argyle. Mahaffe most likely sold her to a John Taylor (who previously owned Marine), Taylor still owned her in 2002. Another owner was “Spick Spicer (date unknown). Someone (??) sold her to a Steve Lay, who sold her to a Dr. Eric Horne, a Scottish GP, Horne sold her to Graeme Lidgard, a cousin of John Lidgard,  who has owned her for approx. 2 1/2 years.

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12 thoughts on “Santa Rosa – Argyll – Lady Argyle

  1. My late Grandad was Maurice Mahaffie.
    Lady Argyle at the time was his pride and joy. He loved taking family and friends out in the Auckland Harbour for day trips and many overnight stays. I used to follow him around in the engines and religiously wash the decks with salt water many a lazy Sunday afternoon after church. Sometimes hooray there was no church, it was boating weather!! So many many fond memories on this beautiful old lady!


  2. Tim Windsor told me that S.B. “Hoki” Williams was nicknamed so because he came from the Hokianga. Roy Parris said so too.


  3. Here’s some purely anecdotal material, mostly from Don Galbraith and Lynton Bates.
    She was built as SANTA ROSA for Stewart by John Lidgard, based on a design by “Hoki” Williams, formerly of Shipbuilders Ltd. Norm Galbraith bought her c1975 and renamed her ARGYLL (not ARGYLE) after the part of Scotland from which the Galbraiths originated. Subsequent owners were “Spick” Spicer and John Taylor (who still owned her in 2002). She was renamed LADY ARGYLL (ARGYLE) after Norm Galbraith sold her. She had 2 Fords etc


  4. Steve Lay had a major refurbishment of “Lady Argyle” done while he kept her at (then) Westpark Marina. This included the removal and rebuild of her engines, a great deal of re-plumbing and re-wiring, and some changes to her accommodation, including the fitting of a small piano in her bridge deck. The hard top over the flying bridge was also put on during this period.
    Steve sold her to a Doctor Eric I-forget-the-surname, who took her to Gulf Harbour.
    I’m just guessing it was Eric who sold her to Graeme Lidgard.


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