Participate- A Peek Down Below

PARTICIPATE – A Peek Down Below

The 42’ John Lidgard designed and built launch – Participate very comfortably fits into the ’spirit of tradition’ classic category. Launched in 1982 she is quite beamy (approx 12’) and draws 3’2”. Built from kauri double diagonal planking and glassed. 

Get up and go is via a Volvo TAMD 70, derated from 380hp to 300hp. This gives the her a very respectable cruising speed of 14 knots, and tops out at 19 knots.

As you’ll see from above photos, lots of living space and at a pinch can sleep 10.

Participate is kept in immaculate condition and yes she is for sale and at a very favourable price. Price indication included to stop the fender kickers filling up my email inbox and allow serious buyers to consider the vessel – Participation will sell in the low to mid $200’s. That woodys is a very fair price for a boat of her size, condition (turn key) and looks.

Interested parties – initially contact for more details.


PESCADOR – A Peek Down Below

PESCADOR – A Peek Down Below

The 33’ John Lidgard designed and 1968 built woody – Pescador, has appeared twice before on WW, links below to the stories – lots of details / history on her in the first link.

A Ford 120hp 6cyl. diesel gets her along at a comfortable 9 knots.

Now thanks to tme we get to have a peak down below.

Contessa + Next Woody Event Details


The launch Contessa is another launch that was owned by Peter David’s father and recently popped up on Peter’s fb. Designed and built by John Lidgard in the early 1960’s.

Can we shed some light on Carla and what became of her?


We need – your name, boat name & approx # on vessel – numbers will be limited so reply asap to avoid missing out 🙂



The launch Carla popped up recently on a fb post by Peter David. Peter commented at the time that she was designed by John Lidgard and Peter’s father. Built by John Lidgard.Only two were built – Carla in the early 1970’s using kauri planks and another with balsa sandwich / fibre-glass. Both boats were for Peters father.

Carla won the Atlantic 100 race on her first try in the following categories – biggest boat / slowest boat and first overall on handicap.

Can we shed some light on Carla and what became of her?

Pescador – In The Late 1980’s

PESCADOR – In The Late 1980’s

At the start of the month, we got a glimpse of the 1968 John Lidgard designed and built launch – Pescador. WW link below to that story. At the time I was contacted by Phil Vining with the promise of more details on the boat. True to his word, Phil contacted me yesterday – I’ll let Phil tell the story:

“The WW story about ‘Pascador’ – A Southern Woody certainly brought back some fond memories for our family. I have also noticed Pascador in the
Motueka Marina looking very smart and well looked after – she is a real credit to her current owner. The last time I visited the area I also took a photo of her to show my father who owned her back in the early 1980’s. I have good memories of taking my very young family out cruising on her in the Sounds at the time. Not long after dad sold her she went to Havelock and was lengthened by the next owner to create a bigger cockpit. At this time I owned Vining Shipbrokers Ltd and we had her listed, probably late 1980’s.
Early this week I visited the Vinings Office and owner Ian Michel has done a great job of keeping the records from back in my early days. He has digitized all the old typed up listings so good to find a listing for Pescador in the system. As you can see, she was a quality design & build by John Lidgard back in 1968 … the good thing is she looks in better shape now than back then.”



A few months ago while trying to follow some very vague instructions on where to find a woody berthed at Westhaven Marina I stumbled across Delfino. As Sargent Shultz used to say on Hogans Heros “I know nothing” – so can anyone tell us more about her – obviously crying out for some TLC 🙂

The stern escape door is an unusual feature.


Bill – The original name was Carla and built by John Lidgard early 70″s had a 180hp ford engine was in one of the Atlantic 100 Rallies I think won the launch section built from double diagonal kauri. The first owner I think was Charlie Gilberd

Nigel Armitage – John Lidgard design and built , I was an apprentice there at the time of construction. Built for Charley Gilbert in the early 1970’s

Harold Kidd – There is a discussion about CARLA in Sea Spray of September 1971, comparing her to VINDEX. C.G. Gilberd of Sarsfield St owned her new. She had a 180hp GM diesel. Took part in the 1978 Atlantic Power Boat Rally, came 7th overall and was the heaviest of 66 entries.

23-03-2021 Input from Alan Sexton – The article below was sent in by Alan, ex the July 1971 issue of NZ Boating World.PDF file here – might be easier to read





Tandarra was built by John Lidgard in 1976 in 3 skin kauri (glassed). She measures 42’ in length, with a beam of 12’5”.  The zoom zoom (>20 knots) comes from twin 300hp Ford diesels. Her trademe listing highlights an impressive amount of recent work – both mechcanical & cosmetic.

If you like classics & game fishing, then Tandarra looks to be a lot of boat for the money.

Do we know anything about her past i.e. owners?


Salacia and Salacia Too (Le Anne)


photos ex Mike Blank, Brian Worthington, Ken Rickets
info ex Mike Blank & KR – edited by Alan H

Today’s post features the boats of Roy & Helen Blank (Mikes parents) – being Salacia & Salacia Too. Both were moored at Sandspit just off the main wharf, during their stewardship. The Blanks were staunch long standing members of Coastguard & effected many rescues with Salacia Too.


Salacia Too was originally named Le Anne & featured in a small article in Sea Spray of June 1965. She was designed and built by John Lidgard for Bill Roberts of Te Atatu. She was 34ft x 11ft x 3ft 6in & powered by 6cyl. 100hp Fordson diesel, triple skin 3/8 Kauri, covered with Dynel.
The photo of her in white, with bow rail and no hard top is as Helen and Roy purchased her, in 1983, probably early 83 as the 2 photos with the brown cabin sides are also from 1983. The finish was artificial wood grain, brushed on, the mix came from Willie Oliver.
The portofino stern was added in October 1993 & the hardtop to the fly bridge at a later date.
Sometime in the early 1990’s Mike thinks the engine was upgraded to a 120hp Fordson. The main cabin side door was another modification that Mike suspects happened somewhere late 1990’s. Roy sold Salacia Too in 2002
The last photo of her above, in white again, with a name change to Emmzee (?) and no bow rail is in Bostaquet Bay. Mike last saw her about a year ago berthed at West Park Marina, Hobsonville, Auckland.


Mike knows little about Salacai other than that Helen and Roy owned her in c.1982/1983 (Greg Lee & Ken Ricketts believe the Blanks may have owned her from late 1970 > c.1983). Mike thinks that she was purchased from a Bell family who may have been chartering her out of Tutukaka. Mike is not sure he ever went on board Salacia. She was powered by a 6V71 GM Detroit diesel.

Does anyone know of the whereabouts of these boats?

Santa Rosa – Argyll – Lady Argyle

Santa Rosa > Argyll > Lady Argyle
Updated details from Harold Kidd, Don Galbraith, Lynton Bates, the Lidgard family & Ken Ricketts. photos ex Don Galbraith& KR

Lady Argyle was built in 1965 by John Lidgard at his Glen Eden factory, for Mac Stewart & one other partner (a taxi driver), when launched she was named Santa Rosa. She was built based on drawings done for the original owner by “Hoki” Williams, a retired staff member of Shipbuilders Ltd., with modifications by John Lidgard.

She is a  big volume, massively strong traditional bridge-decker measuring 52′ with about 15′ beam & an impressive flared bow. She is still powered by what is believed to be her original engines, 2 x 6 cyl. 130hp Ford Dover diesels, with 2 enormous props, which John & Graeme Lidgard both think are original.

Mac Stewart & partner retained her until c.1975. Norm Galbraith was the next owner & changed her name to Argyll after the part of Scotland from which the Galbraiths originated. The Galbraiths sold her to Maurice Mahaffe (a Salvation Army officer) who  changed her name to Lady Argyle. Mahaffe most likely sold her to a John Taylor (who previously owned Marine), Taylor still owned her in 2002. Another owner was “Spick Spicer (date unknown). Someone (??) sold her to a Steve Lay, who sold her to a Dr. Eric Horne, a Scottish GP, Horne sold her to Graeme Lidgard, a cousin of John Lidgard,  who has owned her for approx. 2 1/2 years.

Check out the comments section for more chat on her

Olympia II


photo & details ex Ken Ricketts. edited by Alan H
Olympia II was designed jointly by John Lidgard & Noel Sparnon . She was built entirely at the Lidgard yard in Glen Eden. John Ldgard built the hull decks & combings completely, with support from Sparnon. Launched in 1963 & is 40 ft long, approx 14 ft beam, built of 2 skins of Kauri, with mahogany coamings.
I have posted about Olympia II before (ww link below) but Ken Ricketts just sent me this great photo of her with the originally varnished coamings. She looks so stunning I just had to post the c.1967 photo.
In the photo she would be 3 to 4 years old,  given the speed she is traveling at, its obviously post the addition of her new Ford engines which replaced her ‘as launched’ pair of used (ex Florence Kennedy) Fords.