LYNMAR The above photos were taken recently while Lynmar was hauled out for some maintenance at Geoff Bagnall’s yard at Milford. ww knows nothing about her so any input would be great. New Photos Below (ex Brian Worthington via Ken Ricketts) ww loves the sedan top 🙂

11 thoughts on “Lynmar

  1. Lynmar was built by John Lidgard for John and Maureen Roberts.
    It was named after my sister and myself using the first three letters of each of our names.
    Lynette &a Maree LYNMAR.

    My brother has many photos of the boat including its launching.

    Regards Maree Bracey (Roberts)


  2. The old Lynmar photos are ex myself and were taken when she was based in Tauranga and owned by Don McKenzie of Mt Maunganui.
    Lynmar was built by John Lidgard late 1960’s


  3. I chatted with the owner quite a bit the other day while we worked on our respective boats, a reallly good guy who lives out the barrier, I bet Baden knows him. Im pretty sure Orr owned her, who was a bud of my grandfather. Mackenzie, did he own also? She was part of a big Stone Store raft up with Kotanui Valhalla Kudu Wakanui and a few more where they practically filled the basin which im told was pretty interesting. Have a pic somewhere


  4. A self corrected error — It was JOHN Lidgard that built the LYNMAR not his Uncle Roy — sorry about my accidental error above — have just reconfirmed this with John. — KEN R


  5. LYNMAR was built for Frank Orr by Roy Lidgard late1950s early1960s — He was a good friend of Roley Gillett — ORINDA II — Have sent pics of Frank & LYNMAR to Alan — KEN R


  6. Aha. I think this is the boat that’s moored in the Waiake Torbay area, tucked right in behind the Tor.

    Always looks well loved and looked after (in comparison to some of the other boats in what can be a very exposed mooring in extreme weather). I’ve noticed the owner always moves her out when a bad forecast is on the cards.

    Nice ship.


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