Sunken Launch – Invader


Sunken Launch – Invader

A wee quiz to start the week off – the 1st woody to correctly name the launch shown in the above photos, wins 2 tickets to the NZ Premier screening of a very cool movie called ‘Birds of a Feather’.

14-09-2016 Update – The boat is Invader. The details on the photo said “Townsend’s Invader”. The photo came from Ken Jones via Ken Ricketts. And no one guessed it, so the tickets will be offered up again 😉

The film is based on the annual Seagull outboard race on the Waikato River, over the last 18months I have seen numerous drafts & rough cuts, trust me it’s a goodie. See synopsis below & click on the link to view the trailer 😉
Film Synopsis:
For the 30th consecutive year, a modest group of eccentrics assemble at the base of the Karapiro hydro dam, ready to embark on one the world’s longest and most challenging small boat races. The Great Waikato Seagull race draws contestants from all round New Zealand, all vying to conquer the mighty Waikato river but with an unlikely choice of hardware.

The British Seagull once touted as ‘The best outboard motor in the world’ is now famous for all the wrong reasons. With a reputation for being hopelessly unreliable, the British seagull is a relic of modern technology dating back to the second world war.

‘Birds of a Feather’ is the story of seagull racing on the Waikato where competitors from all walks of life, battle 141km downstream subjecting themselves to an arduous two day challenge that will test their patience, tempers and humour! They don’t have to be crazy, but it certainly helps!

If you don’t win – you can book tickets here (only $10)