I have deleted my comments about this boat – yes its for sale but be careful. The 4 sale story & her actual past appear to not add up.

I repeat – be careful – in fact refer the last ww story on her – link below

26-11-2016 UPDATE

This weblog is many things to many people, one of those things is to ensure that the classic wooden boating community is kept abreast of happenings in & around the many marinas & boat yards scattered across NZ.
We get sent 100’s of photos of boats hauled out, photos of work-in-progress – both good work & dodgy work, I publish most things, often just an addition to  previous story, that way future owners can get an insight into a vessels maintenance history. Quite often an owner gets a surprize to learn that at some stage in the past their pride & joy may have hit a rock, or even been to the bottom. In fact I learned this about my own boat.

So folks when I hear things that appear to be not right, I alert you to them – the launch Vacuna is a case in point – I have NEVER had so many phone calls or emails about one single vessel, all I’ll say is that I would not buy her 😉

Also at waitematawoodys we very rarely moderate what others post in the comments section – the seller of Vacuna has attempted to post 9 comments that we have chosen to not publish – the last will be enough to get them banned from waitematawoodys, only the 2nd person ever.
I have repeated the comment below – this was their reply to a comment made by one of waitematawoodys most loyal & knowledgeable woodys.

“Get your facts right before you comment on marking a quick Buck.
Who the hell are or what are you. A lose mouthed women that has no idea about anything trying to get a name for her self at the expense of others.”

12 thoughts on “Vacuna

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  3. I don’t believe Trademe. I think there was too many inflammatory comments so he’s letting things cool for a while. (not sure getting a mate to bid is legit?)


  4. Looks like the ban was fair enough. If he’d been upfront about the sinking and maybe showed pics of the legit repair then no issue, but to blatantly cover it up is the behaviour of a ……. don’t take it personally Alan, mostly you do a good job (lol except the stink to bludger ratio) 😉 keep up the excellent work.


  5. Totara, I think he means. Also means “doesn’t roll as much as if she were round bilge”. Probably the owner at the time of the electrolysis issue, who bought her back from the insurers. Good for him, I say.


  6. Sounds like he might have installed a force field to keep her steady.
    Joking aside, she does look quite a decent craft at a reasonable price even if you are aware of her recent troubled history and the vendor’s flights of fancy. Iroko????


  7. VACUNA was covered only very recently in woodys on 17.8.16, & having now just seen the hard stand view, it would seem by the way the propellers are trucked well back from the tuck, that she has had a smallish piece added to the back end. — KEN R


  8. Nice boat: Owen never did an ugly one did he? She’s a shorter “Aries”. Good buying.
    But no rolling? That’d be worth seeing. A very wise man asked the question “Why would you put to sea in a boat that didn’t roll?” You gotta think about that one carefully -is there no righting moment?Or is there an excessive one in which case she’d roll the milk out of your tea or tonic out of your gin.


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