Penguin the 34′ ex Navy survey tender has appeared on ww before (link below for full details). She recently surfaced on trademe, so thanks to Ian McDonald’s tip off, we are able to have a good peek down below. Enjoy – she will appeal to Russell Ward 😉


14 thoughts on “Penguin

  1. Pull your head in ” Mr Co !Flounder there are Woolpeckars over Devenport they love people with soar dust for drains.


  2. Tom, be a darling & do not be such a bully, what happened in your life to make you this way? – did your mother refuse to breast feed you?
    Just remember the Johnny Depp quote ” You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel”
    Love your work, who does your hair?


  3. Houghton you have not placed a edit section so no one can argue with you or reply to your lieing comments and if a mistake is made I/e speilling mistakes.we can not edit it the fedback that you placed today is accurate but months old yet you have tried to snow it is curraint,.
    Your are the one be watched because people like you tried to take over world we no what happened to them DOnt We!!.
    It is a shame that the woods is run by a woodin cuck so pull you head in there are Woodpeckers around and they know you has got brains and knot sawdust .


  4. Houghton is a liar he would not publish our emales and what busness off yours ifs tits for sale.
    We have commenced legal proceeding against you and Woodys.
    We have your Devenport address so stand by.
    Take our boat of your webb sight we never gave yous permission two publish our photos.


  5. Giving the boat benefit of doubt; if she is as tough as it sounds I reckon she would be a good Gulf Cruiser. She isnt super beamy so would roll, but everything rolls. If I was in the market I’d get the normal survey and checks done, focussing on the classic electrochemical damage to timbers, and rot in the deck or coamings which may be invisible to the eye. We replaced a few areas of rotten timber on my boats deck and coamings which made for peace of mind.


  6. Surprise surprise – she is on trade already. Some interesting comments in the ‘Ask the seller a question’ section 😉

    I tried to ask a question but the seller (Tom) has blacklisted me 🙂 Below is a past comment that appears (word for word) on trade me from another related listing.

    “DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS TRADER! See his replies accusing everyone of being at fault, lying, not of sound mind etc. I do not trust this trader due to his poor communication, outrageous claims (I did not buy it/I bought it subject to inspection and approval on pick up), threatening conduct (I’m watching you), irrational behaviour (later agreeing to honour his purchase after 6 weeks BUT then refusing to pay), false allegations, bullying behaviour. A TRY ON FROM A VERY SHABBY TRADER”


  7. FMr fact checker I never had a education cun’t spell.
    Admit it,but I have made it through life yes you will see Penguin for sale yes I am old but love doing what I do to keeps me sane from people like you and that’s a fact.


  8. It’s a shame this bloke can’t type a legible sentence. I also agree, true statements have been published on this great site!. I can’t believe a “layer” would even be interested in a grifter like this. I’m looking forward to seeing it on Trademe in a few months with the usual spiel about getting old, time to sell blah blah.


  9. Mr Allan Houghton can you put up your experance in what boats you have personally owned or sold.
    What are your qualifications ” what gives you the right to make untrue statements with out profe.
    Your previous statements about Vacuna are untrue that you Willy Nely placed.
    We were in touch with the previous owner who was delighted with the work carried by our company this includes new rudderstock fitted ,new wiring,new starter motors,etc etc this was done at a cost of $12000 add payment to insurance company $14500 makes it $26500 not including painting in side and out and slipping and storage.
    Your statements were compleatly untrue I will back my self against you for my experance with yachts and launches unless you can prove to me that you have owned and operated over 1000 boats in my lifetime.
    I am asking you to retract the warning notice that you have placed , we shall take this further if not.
    It would be nice if you spelt my name correctly this shows blantent dis regard
    That you placed libel statements with out getting a persons name right.!!
    A matter of intrest is that I am a incest motor dealer 50 years, licensed publlcan ,licensed second dealer,licensed auctioneer,licensed real estate agent with our own agency’s, etc etc.


  10. Yes our Family Trust have purchased Penguin nit that it concerns any ones.
    I notice that you have published deflamatory remarks in your post.
    Please remove tall photos of our boat from your great website and retrace your comments and other remarks.
    This the second time you have published true statements about our boats.
    I shall hand this matter over to our Layer.
    I think we are a member of your Woodys please remove us from any membership we may have with you.


  11. She has just turned up in Auckland, on the hard at Half Moon Bay Marina – a Mr Nisbett has bought her


  12. It looks like the “driver’s seat” must have been on special down in the Sounds. Over the past few years a friend of ours has purchased two boats from down that way, both sporting one of those blue and white vinyl swivel thingies!


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