Next wet weekend when you have little to do, have a peak at the Auckland Libraries, Sir George Grey photo collection, its a gold mine of old Auckland photos. Nathan Herbert pointed me to the collection & while you have to troll thru a lot of average material, every so often you click on a nugget like the above photo of Crusader under full throttle at Great Barrier Island, photo taken December 1929. Given she was built in the winter of that year by Collings & Bell for the Rev. Jasper Calder and Charlie Goldsboro, the above photo could have been her maiden cruise.

To read more on the boat & view a selection of photos old & present day – click the link below

5 thoughts on “Crusader

  1. Input from Brent Parry – My dad (Jim Parry) bought her early 1970’s, can’t recall when he sold her. We as a family had great memories of this, tripping to the Bay of Islands and Kerikeri inlet, Great Barrier Island… not including hauling her for a bottom scrub with copper dust flying! I recall the 6 cylinder engine but not the type, may have been a Lees. Didn’t go as fast as the early photo showed!


  2. I agree absolutely, she looked ever so much better the way she was built — really lovely then. — Perhaps the Rev. Jasper C. should have asked for a little more divine guidance before he fiddled with her. KEN R


  3. No clue in the newspapers but almost certainly a 40hp (rated) 6 cylinder Red Wing of the same type that went into FRANGPANI which got two..


  4. Stunning image. Charles Collings at his very best.
    What made Jasper Calder decide to put that dogbox of a bridgedeck on her?
    Surely not divine inspiration?


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