Sometimes you wonder how serious someone is about selling their boat, Tui is listed on trade me – as a 30′ inboard ‘beautiful girl’ & is a wonderful sea boat”.

When it comes to specs the seller says “I will need to put all the mechanical details on later all I know is she starts every time first time. Engine, shaft etc will be updated all I know is that I think Tui has a ford tractor engine”. And they want someone to pay $35k+ based on that ;-(
A few hours with a tungsten tipped chainsaw & you could end up with a nice wee sedan top launch, if the price was right. Thanks to Ian McDonald to the trademe tip.

Do any woodys know ore about Tui – builder, year etc?

An apology – if you were wondering what was happening around yesterdays story on Vacuna – I removed the ww story because the vendor was not being upfront with the vessels past & had been very creative with the story. There was over 10 comments that I chose to ‘moderate’ & did not appear on ww, mostly name calling & threats, I’m the only one that’s allowed to do that 🙂  so they got the delete button.

10 thoughts on “Tui

  1. most of phils boat were built at the wade river whangaparoa until 1968 the all other boats were built at his Tasman st Mangonui property then at the Richmond road mill bay Mangonui property .
    The last boat Phil buit was the Petrel in 1990 for his son Stev.


  2. phil said there is aother boat off the same molds as the Tui . He built many boats , some times using the same molds and sometime changing them a bit , but all Phils boats are distinctively recognisable.


  3. Re Tui and Rodney Webb reply she sure looks like a Phillip Lang early 60s same as our Fiesta but slightly shorter at 30′ possibly the old Trader engine still in her,Cheers.


  4. Hello Ross
    I can not find ‘Hoki Mai’ on waitematwoodys – can to point me in the right direction, under another name ??
    In terms of Wellington, there is a very active & passionate classic wooden boat group (the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust) Gavin Pascoe who drops in on the ww comments section every so often is your point of contact. Below are links to their website & facebook page.

    Cheers Alan


  5. Hi Alan. Just got a old boat to do up. No bugger all, but not dumb and very good with my hands. You done a write up about her. From trade me? Hoki mai . When sanding the back old name came up as maraposa. Have gone boat mad, have just brought a bulh 20 for her? Is there anyone in Wellington to call on for me to pick there brains. Still scraping Ross

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  6. It’s pretty looking boat just as it is, don’t be swayed but the thoughts of the so called purists. it suits the flying bridge + the added space makes it great for a family to have some fun. We don’t need to chop every wooden boat back to its impractical design, but some…yes


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