3 Ladies + Movie Premier Invite


Lady Sandra, Connie & ValSan

Photo above of three of our most elegant classic ladies – Lady Sandra, Connie & ValSan rafted up (photos ex Ken Jones, emailed to me by Ken Ricketts).
Also today I have news on a very cool film premier that will appeal to all woodys – see/read below.


Adrian Pawson & partner Nina Wells have produced a very cool movie called ‘Birds of a Feather’. Nina is the real star as its her film – she produced & directed it. The film is based on the annual Seagull outboard race on the Waikato River, over the last 18months I have seen numerous drafts & rough cuts, trust me it’s a goodie. See synopsis below & click on the link to view the trailer 😉

Adrian has asked if waitematawoodys could help promote the NZ premier of the film, the answer of course was yes. The screening is at The Vic Theater in Devonport & seats are very limited.

Tickets are only $10. I would encourage you to book online asap at http://www.thevic.co.nz  Its unlikely there will be door sales on the night.

Film Synopsis:
For the 30th consecutive year, a modest group of eccentrics assemble at the base of the Karapiro hydro dam, ready to embark on one the world’s longest and most challenging small boat races. The Great Waikato Seagull race draws contestants from all round New Zealand, all vying to conquer the mighty Waikato river but with an unlikely choice of hardware.

The British Seagull once touted as ‘The best outboard motor in the world’ is now famous for all the wrong reasons. With a reputation for being hopelessly unreliable, the British seagull is a relic of modern technology dating back to the second world war.

‘Birds of a Feather’ is the story of seagull racing on the Waikato where competitors from all walks of life, battle 141km downstream subjecting themselves to an arduous two day challenge that will test their patience, tempers and humour! They don’t have to be crazy, but it certainly helps!


6.30pm Sunday 25th September
Cinema – Theatre – Cafe – Gelateria
Ph: +64 9 446 0100
48-56 Victoria Rd, Devonport 0624, Auckland, New Zealand
Opportunity to get pre drinks etc and mingle from 6pm in the lounge bar
DVDs of the film will be available for purchase after the screening $25 Cash
POA Blu-ray DVDs are possibly available depending on numbers of requests
Book tickets :





14 thoughts on “3 Ladies + Movie Premier Invite

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  2. Its easy. Valsan obvious with the long droopy roofline, CV with the vee’d windscreen compated to sisters, and LS is fat in the bow with a sort of roley-poley hull and low slung cabin evidenced by being obscured in even this shot.


  3. I Bought a model 40 Seagull in 1948 when I was 12 years old by rowing around Mansion House Bay & picking up the tossed over empties, got my father to cart them back to Auck to Mc Kendrick Bros in Newmarket, — (got a penny each for them), — on the JULIANA, paid 65 pounds for the motor, — a lot of money at that time for me at 12.
    –It fell overboard 3 times & we just fished it out of the water, put in a clean spark plug, & it went first pull every time for 35 years, even after being submerged. — a wonderful motor. —
    I had a little secret, I put 1 & I/2 pints of “Shell Two Stroke Medium oil” to every gallon of petrol, never ever had an oiled plug even once, & I think that it why it may have lasted that long partly, was because of this reason. The reason for the oil mix, was also partly, that my dad paid for the oil & I paid for the petrol. The serial number was FV 4124 — KEN R


  4. They were also designed to be simple to restart after prolonged emersion in sea water. No ball bearings, only bronze bushes. Heavy gear box oil and 10:1 fuel mix. Stated output was a bit optimistic though. The standard 4.5hp model only generates 2.2hp on the dyno!


  5. The Seagull brings back memoies. The favourite for the back of the mullet boats on a Christmas cruise up the coast.
    Clamped to the “Milk Box'” ( a bottomless box,) on the stern,these motors once started would go for hours.
    Reputedly made for the Dunkirk evacuation,they were only required to have a life of 24 hours.


  6. Just a thought- three Rivs rafted up will never look as powerful and gracious at the same time as these three old Auckland girls.


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