Woodys On Tour


Rick McCay & Peter Boardman


Woodys on Tour

A bit of what they call thread drift today – I told Rick McCay when he sent me the above photos that him sporting a ww t-shirt in the USA was the only justification I needed to run the photos 🙂

Two of our nicest classic woody owners – Rick & Roz McCay {Luana] and Peter Boardman [Lady Margaret] caught up at this years annual USA Monterey Car Week and Pebble Beach Concours. Rick reports that the show features a great variety of cars and personalities.
The black Ford GT40 pictured above is the actual car that won the 1966 Le Mans 24 hr race driven by two Kiwis, Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.
In one of the photos of Rick he is standing in front of what he thought was an boat upside down on a trailer, but it turned out to be a caravan, for sale for only US$217k. On their way up the coast Rick spotted a couple of shockers in the Santa Barbara Marina. A helpful American attempted to pronounce Waitemata Woodies…Why the tatty woodies! Rick couldn’t return the abuse because he didn’t even own a boat 😉
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