Betty J301


J 301

J 301 03

The 1940’s photos above ex the Tudor Collins collection at the Auckland Museum show the Bob Stewart designed 31′ launch Betty. She was built in 1939 by Collings & Bell for Bob’s father-in-law. Betty has had several name changes, refer the two blue links below to view & read about her over the years, home these days is Lake Rotoiti. The photos were emailed to me by numerous woodys (including Ken Ricketts).
These photos show her as US Army J301, when she was ‘on-loan’ to the US Army but obviously on R&R duties here – can anyone ID any of the people?

Also whats the name of the anchored launch numbered #17 in the top photo?


Looking for a Jim Young 23ft Hi Fi Sports Cruiser

A gent by the name of Colin Frankham is keen to acquire  a Jim Young 23ft Hi Fi Sports Cruiser (runabout) for restoration –  not worried about the condition. Colin can be contacted on (09) 4837040

6 thoughts on “Betty J301

  1. Under the post Betty J301 in the background Of the first photo I note a very smart vessel with the number 17 on the bow. Can any one ID that vessel? (For the record I came across Betty/Achenar on Lake Rotoiti some years ago looking very good indeed and assured the owner I was a ready purchaser when he was ready to move up/down/sideways…). I presume it is still there…


  2. Great rare pics of a wartime occasion. BETTY was built for Bob Stewart’s father, though, not his father-in-law.


  3. I agree on Zane Grey/ Alma G II. Also Ozone and Miss Helen.

    The Hi Fi looks like a great design, there was a good one for sale for not much on TM for a long time by the original owner.


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