Leonardo – Gets A Birthday

LEONARDO – Gets A Birthday

Back in 2017 we reported that the 21’ carvel planked (kauri) ex workboat Leonardo was  for sale. At the time she was in Christchurch an had had a new wheelhouse added. You can read and see more at this link https://waitematawoodys.com/2017/04/11/leonardo/  She was powered by a 20hp Ford diesel engine.

Fast forward 4 years and Grant Edwards, owner of the launch Phyllis M reports in that Leonardo had been purchased by a fellow Waiheke Island gent named Lance Peterson. Lance had the boat transported to Auckland and started an extensive period of repair and restoration as she was in very poor health. Included in the refit was a replacement engine, another Ford, 2 cylinder this time, and the additional of a set of bilge keels for ‘drying out.

Leonardo was slipped back in the water during the week, but I understand did not travel far as she has a wee gearbox issue, which I’m sure will be righted quick smart.

I have to say she is a very salty looking ship and a fine additional to the island’s woody fleet. The photo below is from her early days in top of the South Island. Apologies for the two middle photos above , camera person oops 🙂

Phyllis M Goes Topless

Phyllis M Goes Topless
Back in June 2016, I posted a photo of the launch Phyllis M with rather a large addition to her dog-house, photo below, at the time it created interesting chat re the +/-’s of the addition. Link below https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/06/25/phyllis-m/

Woody Angus Rogers on his summer cruise aboard Centaurus, snapped the above photos of her in Man O War Bay, Waiheke Island. As you can see she is now minus the addition – if the owner contacts me, I’ll drop a WW t-shirt in the post as a thank you 🙂 waitematawoodys@gmail.com

In the previous WW story Harold Kidd advised that Phyllis M was built by Fred Mann at John Street, Ponsonby in December 1919 for himself. After Fred died in 1945 she was sold to Clive Power who renamed her Wainunu. I understand many years later Keith Munro, changed her name back to as launched.

In the second photo below, Angus captured a stunning sunset at MoW – shot with an iPhone 😉

Mystery Launch 21-01-2020

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 8.46.58 PM


The photo of todays launch popped up Mitchell Hutchings fb page. Mitchell commented that he had been given the photo but there was no reference to its origin or the name of the launch.
Nathan Herbert has proposed that it might be Wainunu (photo below ex Nathan Herbert) or Phyllis M, anyone able to help us out ID’ing the launch?
Harold Kidd Update – Definitely WAINUNU (ex PHYLLIS M) built by Fred Mann at John St., Ponsonby in December 1919 for himself. She was sold to Clive Power in 1953 who renamed her WAINUNU and used her for yacht club work and a Coastguard auxiliary.
Photo below of Phyllis M ex Nathan Herbert
I was floating around on Saturday / Sunday so tomorrow I have a good collection of classic woodys out enjoying one of the best weekends of the summer.

Phyllis M

Phyllis M @ Smoke House Bay Gt Barrier


The photo above of Phyllis M was taken recently in Smoke House Bay, Great Barrier Island. She would have to be a finalist in the Husqvarna Chainsaw Boat of the Year Awards 🙂
I know that some ww readers will beat me up for focusing on the construction added to her rear but bloody hell here we have a pretty motorboat that is obviously well loved, just look at the hatches & mast – that has been altered to suit an individuals personal requirements with no consideration to her historical design or aesthetics. I accept each & everyone of us can do what we want but you have to ask yourself, does the owner own her because its a cheap way to go boating or are they a classic wooden boat fan. The way she is cared for & presented leads me to think they do love her, so I have my fingers crossed that one day Phyllis M well have a top-chop 🙂

What do the woodys know about her past?

ps had a great response to yesterdays story about the Auckland Motor Yacht Club burgees (below), have a pile of applications for my assistant Flora McKenzie to review, so if you think your classic is deserving of flying one, send me an e-mail. waitematawoodys@gmail.com