Margaret Joy & A Mystery Game Boat



Margaret Joy & A Mystery Game Boat
Today we have two more game launch ex Dean Wright from Snooks and Lola Fuller’s photo collection. Dean produced these images from scanning old b/w negatives, on loan from Snooks.
Questions today are:
1. What do we know about Margaret Joy – she appeared on WW back in April 2016 as a ‘Mystery Launch’ story, there was speculation as to her design (refer link below .> comments section) Keen to confirm the ID & also who built her.
2. Can we ID the launch in the bottom photo?

Margaret Joy


Margaret Joy MYSTERY LAUNCH 02-04-2016
photo ex Robin Elliott

Today’s photo is another that Robin has sent me from a collection of photos from the Whangarei Cruising Club Collection, as far as Robin knows, all are from the 1940’s early 1950’s & and were taken by Palmer Photography in Whangarei (1910-1999). Most by the late Graeme Palmer and possibly some older ones by his father.
The distinctive placement of the porthole window on the cabin sides might help ID her, she also appears to have a good turn of speed.

The Woollacott website lists both a Ghost & a Wolf, the images of Ghost appear to be a smaller vessel. No photos of Wolf.

So woodys who can ID this one? The boat was ID’ed by Nathan Herbert as Margaret Joy

Mondays ww post will be a  trip report from James Dreyer (Laughing Lady) on the Palm Beach International Boat Show, in James words “I have kept the focus on wooden or partially wooden craft, with a little American excess and muscle thrown in for good measure.” – Make sure you check it out.