Margaret Joy


One of the lines that pricks up my ears is “ I was going through some old family photos” – almost always there is an attachment of great photos linked to a woody.

Late last year David Engleback sent me a note that started with those words – turns out David’s wife’s grandfather – Gerald Wilson ( of Browns Bay) was aboard the launch – Margaret Joy in Feb 1955 and landed a 220ib. Marlin fishing in the Bay of Islands – as seen in the above photo weighing in at Russell and looking very happy. 

A google search by David popped up some previous WW stories on Margaret Joy, links below. Lots of speculation as to who designed / built her but todays photo confirms the name. Well done Robin Elliott back in 2016 getting it right.




5 thoughts on “Margaret Joy

  1. No Murray it is not the same boat but looks like the same designer.The boat on the road north is a Hartley Black Marlin approx 30/32 ft which I owned Mary moons again


  2. A really terrible ending for those magnificent fish….the longer the fight the more fun it is apparently, for the angler.


  3. Is she not the boat by State Hwy 1 going North out of Kaiwaka looking more sad each year?


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