Marlin Waters 1960


The above 12 minute film just popped up on YouTube – a recently reedited (enhanced) film from the old New Zealand National Film Unit and comes to us via Archives NZ and Snooks Fuller.

The film – ‘Marlin Waters 1960’ was filmed in the 1960’s in the Bay of Islands New Zealand and features classic big game fishing in the Bay Of islands. 

We see very early footage of Snooks Fuller and the Lady Doreen and his regular client from America “Poppy”. Also featured is the launch – Margaret Joy. Lots of old footage of Otehei Bay, early Kingfish Lodge and Poor Knights Islands.

While personally I’m not a fan of targeting these beautiful creatures, the film is wonderful insight into the glory days of big game fishing in the far north. If you look closely there are many other classic wooden launches caught on the film.


Does anyone know if Rangiora is still kept in Wellington and also contact details for the owner – email to

2 thoughts on “Marlin Waters 1960

  1. Re: Rangiora. Yes, she is still here in Wellington, on the hardstand at Evans Bay. She picked up a stray rope around one of her props quite some time ago, and has been on the hard for repairs since. I think Nick still owns her. I have tried contacting him, but no response 😦 John. MV Tangaroa.


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