Mystery Waikato Launch (Lady Joyce > Lady Jane) + WW T-shirt Orders

Mystery Waikato Launch (Lady Joyce > Lady Jane)

The above photo comes to us ex Jon Morey via Maurice Sharp’s fb. The truck has ‘Roost – Mercer’ on the cab so I’m assuming its a Waikato boat, but could be very wrong.

She does look very familiar, I’m sure Nathan Herbert will be able to ID her.

INPUT ex John Bullivant – boat is ‘Lady Joyce’, built by Willy Oliver on his farm at Pukekawa and launched in the Waikato in the late 40s. Pic is apparently around 1949. Truck belonged to Ceaser Roose (Roose Ind Mercer) and was apparently one of two  bought back from Pear Harbour. (info and photo from the Road Transport & Contracting archives Facebook page)

INPUT (+. photos below) ex Ken Ricketts – later renamed Lady Jane


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Lady Joyce c.1963

LADY JOYCE – c.1963
The photos above of the launch – Lady Joyce, currently named Lady Jane come to us from Robert Philips and were taken about 1963, when Len and Jean Perry owned her before Len had Aquarius built for him by Owen Woolly.

The first photo shows Jean struggling to haul the anchor in leaving Mansion House Bay while Len calmly powers off. A practice you still see today if anchored in a bay near Mark Edmond’s launch – Monterey 🙂
The other two photos are with Lady Joyce anchored with Len and Jean in the cockpit and third is taken at the same time with their daughter Dale Perry  diving off for a swim with Arthur Burke’s Yasawa in the background. 

Link below to a previous WW story on the launch. We still do not know the designer / builder – any new thoughts?

Lady Joyce (Lady Jane)

Lady Joyce (Lady Jane)
photos & details ex Ray Morey

Now last week I did a post on Lady Jane, hauled out at Gulf Harbour, via ww we discovered that Lady Jane was originally named Lady Joyce. Ray sent in a wonderful photo of her being transported on launch day.
As Lady Jane she has been significantly altered (photo below). Ray sent me the two photos above that show Lady Joyce on a picnic cruise, the location is up the Whangamarino river at the junction with the Maramarua river. The people are, from stern – Willy’s sister Mrs. Thelma Nolan, Willie himself, wife Jessie in cabin door, the head behind belongs to Ted Stedger, farm manager, one of the ‘girls’ in the wheelhouse/saloon and on the bow is Barry Logan and his wife-to-be.

Ray asked the question as to how could anyone destroy those beautiful sweeping curves and plant ugly boxes atop that hull. In retrospect ww would have to agree with him, but boats are like houses, they get modified primarily for two reasons (1) to suit the current owners requirements (2) to remain stylish or current i.e. matching the latest design trends. There is no doubt that as launched she was a very smart motorboat & today I’m sure she is a very practical wooden boat, the dilemma people face is ‘do I want a classic wooden boat or an well maintained old wooden boat – from ww’s viewpoint its fantastic that so many people are now restoring some of our old wooden boat fleet back to classic looks.
But as they say – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so as long as people are looking after these old girls, ww is happy. One day they might closer match their former beauty.

Now I could have added these photos to the existing ww post but they are just to good to be ‘add-ons’, they show off the beautiful lines of the vessel & lifestyle her owner enjoyed.

Click link to view & read the first ww post on the ‘two’ Lady J’s

Note: we have already learned that the owner of Lady Jane is considering reverting back to the Lady Joyce name & overtime undertaking some sympathetic restorations 🙂


Update from Ray
Ray sent in the photo below (ex Brian Worthington) that shows Willy’s two eldest daughters, Margaret  and Betty with the tender he built for Lady Joyce. These exquisite little dinghys were built using only two shadow molds. He would knock up one boat inside of a week. It is not in the above cruise photos because Thelma’s husband Thomas would have been in it with the camera.

Recent Photos – Oct2019

Lady Jane (Lady Joyce)

LADY JANE (Lady Joyce)
photos ex Ken Ricketts

Today’s photos of the launch hauled out at Gulf Harbour were sent to me by Ken Ricketts. Close inspection of the starboard side revels the remains / outline of some lettering that most likely says ‘Lady Jane’.

Hidden below those sheets of plywood is a rather pretty hull. What do we know about her?

Update from John Thompson

The first photo below shows Lady Jane in Whitford Creek  prior to the opening of Pine Harbour. The second photo is ‘original’ as built by Willie Oliver. When checking her one morning on her mooring she had broken free and drifted onto John’s landing point in Whitford Creek. No damage done, and they re-floated her on the next high (after digging a trench in the mud and papa)

Update 04-12-2015 from Ray Morey
Ray sent in the photo below of Lady Jane when she was named Lady Joyce & owned by Willlie Olivers. Willie built her on his farm at Pukekawa. Launched without any interior or glazing. The engine was an “OSCO” marinised Ford V8 and the fuel tank was a 4 gallon tin. There was never an aft cockpit dodger, Willie maintained she was too short to carry one. Willie was not impressed (0 out of 10) with the for the re-modelling work 😦

Great photo – I can hear Nathan H hyperventilating over this one 🙂

More Photos here of Lady Joyce

11-12-2015 Photos below supplied by Dave Walker ex previous owners. Sourced by Ken Rickets

Lady Joyce 40yrs On


I was sent by CYA member Ian Kohler (Ngaio) this c1973 photo of Lady Joyce when see was owned by Sally Cassells Brown. Looking at the photo of her I took earlier this year at Mahurangi, its wonderful to see how she has survived over 40 years & retained her original configuration. Her owner for the last 20 years, John Foreman, needs a medal.

To me what these two photos also show is how the addition of varnish (or possibly wood effect paint in those days) to the coamings can so significantly enhance the look of a classic craft.

For more details on LJ – use the ww search box or click the link below

And to show we are a caring sharing bunch – compilments of HDK via Paperpast is the “Joyce” of LADY JOYCE 🙂


18/06/2014 – A correction / error to the story- ex Paul Baragwanath

The error relates to the above picture. The Lady Joyce was in fact named after my grandmother, Joyce Winstone, nee Harrowell. Lady Joyce was owned by my great-grandfather, Shirley Harrowell. The photograph above is of her brother Bill Harrowell, Joyce’s brother, and the lady in the photo is Bill’s wife, known as Eddie, but whose name was also Joyce. An easy mistake to make!

I think that my grandmother was born in 1918, If they bought her in 1932 Joyce would have been 25… I am surprised they didn’t buy the Lady Joyce earlier… because Joyce was already married with two children (or so).
They lived at 44 Ranui Road, Remuera and Joyce’s husband Don, my grandfather, bought his first house over the road… and commissioned my little Corsair (Frostbite number 47). Don’s uncle had the big yacht Nga Toa.